First Year

Summer: Students in MMUF cohorts will begin their work the summer after they are accepted into the program. During their first summer in the MMUF program, fellows will attend a summer program with the other fellows in the CSU consortium. This program will introduce fellows to their peers and begin building cohort rapport as well as acclimate them to research methods and processes.

Students will then be paired with a faculty mentor and work independently on the first stages of a research project.

Fall: Fellows will begin their MMUF coursework. They will also begin regular meetings with their cohort and the MMUF faculty coordinator, while engaging in all other MMUF activities.

Spring: Fellows will hone their research skills while also beginning to form a research project of their own. Students will present their research at the CSUDH Student Research Conference.

Second Year

Summer: Students will be paired with faculty mentors at research institutions and begin researching for their projects.

Fall: Students will continue working on their projects, and also begin workshops preparing for graduate school applications. Many will apply to graduate schools at the end of this semester.

Spring: Fellows will present their research at CSUDH Student Research Conference, and continue working on their projects to completion. An end-of-program celebration will help culminate the MMUF experience.