MMUF Fellow Responsibilities

Upon their selection, all MMUF fellows are required to sign a program contract and a time commitment contract. The responsibilities outlined will include:

  • Maintaining a 3.3 GPA
  • Participating in all seminars, workshops, classes, and meetings
  • Meeting with the MMUF Faculty Coordinator once a month for advising
  • Participating in the CSU MMUF summer consortium program and in the summer non-residential activities a research assistant at CSUDH
  • Completing the required MMUF coursework in academic year 1
    • This course, to be taken in the fall semester, will help bolster fellows’ research skills
  • Participating in an 8-week research experience at an R1
    • During their second summer in the program, fellows will conduct research for their own projects with faculty mentors at research universities
  • Completing a summer research project with a faculty mentor
  • Presenting this completed research project at Student Research Day
    • Mellon fellows will be expected to present their work at CSUDH’s annual Student Research Day in February
  • Maintaining contact with the MMUF Program by providing updates to the Foundation about their academic and professional accomplishments on an annual basis