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Renata Valree brings a depth and breadth of community mediation and dispute resolution experience to the Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding program. Renata is an accomplished public administrator, professional mediator/facilitator, trainer, program designer and evaluator. Renata is also a certified estate planning mediator and conflict management and emotional intelligence coach. Presently, Renata, is an Adjunct Professor in the Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Department at California State University Dominguez Hills where she teaches Mediation, Restorative Practices and Peacebuilding and Mediation Clinic. Renata has over 25 years of practice in community mediation. Renata is passionate about mediation and believes it presents a clear path forward, through process and practice to reduce conflict, restore productive relationships and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Her approach to transforming conflict is supported by authentic dialogue, understanding, collaboration and trust building. In her role as conflict resolution practitioner, she has mediated a broad range of community-based disputes, she has taught conflict management skills workshops, provided continuing education classes, and has led mediation training. As the former Director for the Dispute Resolution Program for the City of Los Angeles, she was responsible for program administration, oversight of the day-to-day operations of community mediation services, provided leadership, logistical support, guidance and direction to staff and community volunteers. Renata also facilitated training for all community volunteers. Under Renata’s leadership, the City Attorney’s Dispute Resolution Program was recognized by the Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles Board of County Supervisors for providing outstanding service to the residents of both the City and County of Los Angeles.

Renata formerly served as an Administrative Hearings Officer with the Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney. As a hearings officer Renata's primary function included reviewing cases referred by deputy city attorneys, interviewing and taking statements of parties, on criminal cases to determine facts on whether the dispute or criminal case could be resolved through a non-judicial process. Renata served on the pro-bono panel of mediators with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. She also co-authored the family violence protocol which resulted in the development of Los Angeles Police Department’s Major Assault Crime table, which lead to the creation of the DART (Domestic Abuse Response Teams), a coordinated effort amongst agencies in their efforts to assist families experiencing violence.

Prior to joining the faculty at CSUDH, Renata founded the Antelope Valley Days of Dialogue Program where she designed a community-based dialogue program in an effort to ensure constructive civic engagement around the difficult issues of police violence and poor community relations. This was a collaborative partnership with the Los Angeles County, Palmdale and Lancaster Sheriff's station. This effort focused on healing and improving Community and Police relations. Renata was honored and recognized for her work by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the Mayors of the Antelope Valley Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale. Further, Renata recently designed Days of Dialogue virtual sessions with Antelope Valley community members to discuss emerging local issues, specifically racism and police reform. These sessions were designed to increase awareness, share perspectives, gain understanding, build trust, improve relationships between community members and law enforcement. Renata’s current work includes program design, evaluation and coaching services for the State of Indiana, Division of Mental Health and Addiction.

Renata has served as a guest speaker during her career. Over the last year, she has been a guest lecturer for Ohio Peace and Conflict Studies Network, National Association for Blacks in Criminal Justice, National Association for Colored People, Center for Community Dialogue and Training, and Association for Conflict Resolution-Community Day. Renata has been awarded numerous awards including Outstanding Case Award, Peacemaker of the Year, Woman of the Year in Mediation, Outstanding Public Servant, Community Agent of Change and Trailblazer Award. Renata currently serves on Black Women for Positive Change, De-Escalation of Violence Advocacy Committee, Association for Conflict Resolution, Community Mediation and Restorative Practices section and the National Association for Community Mediation, Membership Committee. She is former two term Chair, National Association for Community Mediation, Director of Collaboration for ThriveLA, Sustainable Housing Project, Vice Chair, Los Angeles Chapter of Emotional Intelligence and Director of Mediation Services for the South Bureau Ministerial Alliance. Renata holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from California State University Dominguez Hills and a Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Management from the California State University Dominguez Hills. In her free time, Renata enjoys exploring the outdoors with her three children and granddaughter.