Strategic Planning Initiative 2010-2015

Honoring Our History, Forging Our Future.

For half a century, CSUDH has served as an integral member of and vital educational resource for the South Bay and all of Los Angeles County. As we mark our 50th anniversary, we take this opportunity to re-examine our institutional vision, mission and goals moving forward, as well as our strategy for achieving them.

The 2010-2015 Strategic Plan encapsulates the key strengths and attributes of our university, and identifies the opportunities as well as the challenges we confront. It defines our primary objectives as well as specific initiatives we must implement to strengthen our institutional vitality now, and in the years ahead. The purpose of the plan is to articulate our institution’s forward-looking vision, to provide a roadmap for our next steps, as well as create university-wide consensus and alignment. The strategies proposed here will evolve and adapt to changing circumstances and climates. They do not cover every goal and tactic the University plans to undertake, but rather present a big-picture view of our priorities and most pressing issues.