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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Purchasing Procedures and Updates

The following information and guidelines have been established in response to COVID-19.


Emergency Requisitions (PeopleSoft)

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we have established the following process for entering emergency requisitions in PeopleSoft.

When entering a new requisition that needs immediate attention related to COVID-19, please ensure that “CRITICAL” is entered as the first word in the description box.


Campuses are required to separately track costs associated with COVID-19 for reporting purposes, and we have created a new program code, COV19 for this purpose. For departments who already have program codes established and want to retain them, COV19 may be used as either the program or class code. Please be sure to use COV19 for costs associated with COVID-19.


Please upload all backup and documentation pertinent to your procurement (including email approvals) request in the Header Comments.

All other requisitions entered in PeopleSoft shall follow the normal process. If you have any questions please contact Maria Hernandez, or Gene Surh at

Requisition (Paper Submittal)

In the event the requestor does not have access to PeopleSoft, and must complete an emergency requisition, please submit the paper Requisition form to Maria Hernandez at or Gene Surh at  


Instructions for Home Deliveries (under $500.00):

Purchases under $500 (inclusive of taxes, and shipping costs), shall be authorized for home delivery as follows:

  1. Requester shall send detailed product information as well as a brief justification for home delivery to their appropriate administrator for review and approval.
  2. Requester shall submit approvals as follow:
    1. P-card: Requester may proceed with purchase once the approval has been obtained from the appropriate administrator. Approval must be submitted with the P-card reconciliation.
    2. Requisition: If requester does not have a P-card, a requisition via PeopleSoft must be submitted. Requester shall upload quote and home delivery approval/justification. Buyer will issue a Purchase Order if appropriate.
    3. Direct Pay: If using an approved Direct Pay category, requester must submit invoice and home delivery approval/justification with the Direct Pay Form and submit to AP for payment.
  3. Campuses are required to track costs associated with COVID-19 for reporting purposes. Requests must be sure to use COV19 program/class code in the chartfield for all requisitions, P-card, and Direct Payment requests.

Home Deliveries for items over $500.00 are not authorized for Home Delivery.

Please contact Maria Hernandez at or Gene Surh at for additional information, clarifications, or requests.


In light of the current situation with COVID-19, we have established the following process for P-card Reconciliations and Approval submittals.


Statement reconciliation shall be submitted via email by the date and time specified on the monthly email communication. Dates are subject to change. Please visit the Accounts Payable website to view the P-card Reconciliation Due Dates.

Reconciled statements (including email approval) are to be emailed to If the cardholder does not have the capability of scanning and submitting their statement and backup documentation, they will be responsible for submitting a full reconciliation once the campus resumes normal operations.

All cardholders are required to at minimum, login to PeopleSoft and enter purchase descriptions and chartfield information.


Cardholders that have the capability of submitting the reconciliation statements via email shall include copies of receipts, including email confirmations, invoices and/or approved Lost/Missing Receipts of Goods Verification form (Exhibit A) which is found in the Procurement Card Policy.  The receipt should have a clear description of the item being purchased, cost of the item, vendor name, vendor address, vendor phone number, method of payment, and net zero amount owed. Packing slips, itineraries, and confirmation notices are not considered valid receipts.


In lieu of wet signatures, we will be accepting email approvals. Please attach the emailed approval from your P-card Approver as an attachment along with receipts and the reconciled statement. One email submittal per cardholder.


Please ensure that you are assigning the correct account number for each charge on your reconciliation. Below are the most frequent categories for purchases and their corresponding account numbers.

  • 660003 – Supplies and Services
  • 606001 - In-state Travel (for employees and students only)
  • 606002 – Out of state Travel (for employees and students only)
  • 660009 – Professional Development
  • 660042 – Recruitment
  • 608005 – Subscriptions (this is only for Library use) others please use 660003)
  • 660017 – Advertising


Campuses are required to separately track costs associated with COVID-19 for reporting purposes, and we have created a new program and class code, COV19 for this purpose. Please be sure to use COV19 for costs associated with COVID-19. Cardholders may use COV19 as either the program code or the class code fields.



If there are travel expenses on the statement, cardholders must include the TI (travel in state) or TO (travel out of state) numbers. Any travel expenses incurred due to COVID-19 shall also have the program code or class field COV19 on the chartfield.

If you have any travel-related questions please email Juan Carlos Rodriguez at For any other questions relating to P-card reconciliation please contact Maria Hernandez at


Due to COVID-19, office staff will be working remotely. However, in order to ensure that we continue to meet your needs and respond in a timely manner to your questions, please direct your inquiries to the following:

For P-card questions or concerns please contact the P-card Administrator at

For Requisitions and Purchase Orders please contact the respective Buyer assigned to your order. If you do not have this information please email Maria Hernandez at or Gene Surh at

For Student Affiliation Agreements please contact Sabrina Rodriguez at and Nicholas Salcido at

For other questions please refer to the Staff Listing.

The Procurement and Contracts Office is the central purchasing authority for California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH), as authorized by the CSU Board of Trustees and the Campus President. 

Procurement and Contracts subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the CSU Office of the Chancellor, Contract Services and Procurement. Since public employment is a public trust, all purchasing decisions are made in accordance with the policies set forth in the Integrated CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) Section 5000 for Contracting and Procurement, CSUDH procedures and guidelines, and the laws of the State of California.

Procurement & Contracts Mission Statement

Procurement and Contracts serves and supports the overall mission and goals of the university by employing best practices for a variety of goods and services responsive to the needs of our faculty, staff, and students.  We provide cost effective, best value purchasing services and high quality customer services in a courteous and professional manner. Through consistent application of state, CSU, and campus policies, we ensure appropriate stewardship of public funds and are committed to the continued growth and development of CSUDH.