Energy Use

Energy Use

CSUDH has been recognized nationally and statewide for its energy saving initiatives. CSUDH has piloted a variety of cutting edge energy technologies that have received several statewide best practice awards for energy efficiency since 2006, and campus buildings have been the focus of multiple California Energy Commission studies as a statewide model in energy efficiency innovation. Below are a few steps the university is taking to save energy.

Monitoring & Measurement

Almost all on-campus buildings are sub-metered for energy and water allowing us to readily manage what we measure. A large portion of the campus uses an advanced Enlighted LED-based monitoring system which allows us to track and control lighting levels in buildings in real time. Automatic sensors will also shut lights off when people leave a room. On the heating and cooling side, the campus has also installed cutting-edge smart energy valves on its hot and cold water pipes, allowing us to monitor appropriate energy flow in real time. 

Want to see what campus energy consumption looks like on a building-by-building basis? Log in to our Ecovox energy dashboard!
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Central Plant/HVAC

Almost all of the heating and cooling for on-campus buildings are supplied on-site by the Central Plant. The Central Plant regularly upgrades heating and cooling machinery with energy efficiency in mind. Be sure to sign up for the open house tour the Central Plant runs annually during October Sustainability Month to get an in-depth look at the machinery that keeps our buildings comfortable!


Exterior and interior light fixtures on-campus are regularly replaced with highly efficient LED lighting as part of a long-term rollout initiative. Many parking lots have been upgraded, as have several hallways and classrooms. The campus is also participating in a California Energy Commission grant study that will retrofit all of Welch Hall with advanced LED lighting and controls, solar-powered window shades, and smart plug technology. 

New Technologies

CSUDH is committed to pioneering new energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies on campus. A few examples include the solarizing of the Central Plant's golf cart fleet, solar charging umbrellas in common areas on campus, and advanced building control technologies.

Most recently, Central Plant installed a cutting-edge 1MW/4-Hour Battery Storage unit that shaves peak demand for the entire campus. It is one of the largest behind-the-meter battery storage installations in Southern California, and has won the campus several awards.

CSUDH is currently participating in a five-year Clean Energy Optimization Pilot with Southern California Edison which further supports energy measures and actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Read more here:

For more information on Central Plant general operations, visit their webpage here:

Behavior Change

Buildings are only as efficient as the users in them.  The Office of Sustainability conducts annual energy competitions in Housing to engage residents in conserving energy in their units.  It also supports a variety of studies and behavior change campaigns to further energy reduction on campus.

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