Electric Vehicles

Using electric vehicles (EV) have the potential to greatly decrease local greenhouse gas emissions, particulate matter, and other harmful pollutants resulting from gasoline vehicles. Switching to an electric vehicle has the potential to benefit air quality and save money from reduced fuel costs.

EV Charging on Campus

CSUDH currently has 10 EV charging stations available to Toros as follows:

  • 6 stations in the northwest corner of Lot 3
  • 2 stations on the southwest corner of Lot 2
  • 1 station in the Physical Plant parking lot
  • 1 station in the Housing P3 parking lot

EV parking spaces must be vacated after three hours, and requires a valid CSUDH parking permit to park there. 

Upcoming EV Charging Upgrades:

100 more EV stations are slated for imminent construction in Lot 3 in fall 2023, and many more stations are planned for the campus as part of upcoming capital improvement projects over the next five years.  

Effective January 1, 2024:

  • EV charging will be available for a flat hourly rate of $0.35 kwh/hour. (Payment and customer service administered through Chargie).
  • Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) or Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) will no longer be eligible for Rideshare Program benefits through Parking, but will also not require any registration beyond a valid campus parking permit to use CSUDH EV charging spaces.
  • Cars may be left charging for a maximum of 3 hours before the car of subject must be moved to a non-EV charging parking spot.
  • All cars parked in an EV charging spot must be actively plugged in to avoid citation.

Pay for your charge on the Chargie app.