Academic Affairs Policies

The following Academic Affairs Policies originate either from Academic Senate Resolutions or are a result of administrative requirements in the Division. The Academic Affairs Policies are numbered consecutively dating back to year 2004 and serve as a resource. The Academic Affairs Policies are issued by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and is subject to change at any time as new policies are issued or current policies updated. Policies marked ARCHIVED or Supersedes link to the current policy.

Policy AA#TitleCategoryStatusAcademic Senate Resolution
AA 2024-05Double Counting Upper Division General Education Courses and Major/Minor CoursesStudentsActive; Supersedes AA 2016-02EPC 24-11
AA 2024-04Faculty Leaves CommitteeCommittee, Faculty, AwardActive: Supersedes AA 2022-03FPC 23-10
AA 2024-03Faculty Honors CommitteeCommittee, Faculty, AwardActive; Supersedes AA 2022-03FPC 23-10
AA 2024-02University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment CommitteeCommitteeActive; Supersedes AA 2006-18EPC 24-01
AA 2024-01Instructionally Related Activities (IRA)Committee, StudentsActiveEXEC 23-07
AA 2023-05Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to StudentsCommitteeActive; Supersedes AA 2018-01, AA 2015-05FPC 23-24
AA 2023-04Academic Affairs Budget CouncilCommitteeActive; Supersedes AA 2004-08, AA 2013-01EXEC 23-05
AA 2023-03Forming a Task Force to Study the Status of Fall Recess in the Academic CalendarCommitteeActiveEXEC 23-03
AA 2023-02Program Review Panel (PRP)CommitteeActive; Supersedes AA 2017-02EPC 23-02
AA 2023-01Use of Duolingo as a Standard for Acceptance of International StudentsStudentsActiveEPC 22-15
AA 2022-03Faculty Leaves and Honors CommitteeCommitteeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2024-03 and AA 2024-04; Supersedes AA 2006-11FPC 21-20
AA 2022-02Community Engaged Learning (CEL) PolicyCommitteeActive; Supersedes AA 2010-02EPC 22-05
AA 2022-01Appointment, Responsibilities, and Review of Academic Department Chairs/Directors and CoordinatorsAdministrativeActive; Supersedes AA 2005-17, PM 2017-02FPC 22-02
AA 2021-12Extension for the Deadline to Drop a Course for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022StudentsActive*W EPC 21-23
AA 2021-11Sabbatical Leaves PolicyFacultyActive (updated 09/29/21); Supersedes AA 2005-22FPC 21-05
AA 2021-10Policy for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion ProceduresFacultyActive; Supersedes AA 2012-02FPC 21-11
AA 2021-09Forming a Task Force for Assessing Teaching EffectivenessCommitteeActiveFPC 21-07
AA 2021-08Procedures for Establishing Schools and for Elevating Programs to DepartmentsAdministrativeActiveEPC 21-09
AA 2021-07Extension for the Deadline to Drop a Course for Spring 2021StudentsActive*W EPC 21-12
AA 2021-06General Education Learning Outcomes Committee (GELOC)CommitteeActiveEPC 21-02
AA 2021-05Reorganization of General Education Requirements for Areas A-FStudentsActiveEPC 21-01
AA 2021-04Evaluating Faculty Performance Disrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic FacultyActiveFPC 20-14
AA 2021-03Non-Tenure Track Faculty Advisory BoardCommitteeActive; Supersedes AA 2020-01W* EXEC 20-19
AA 2021-02University Ethnic Studies Implementation CommitteeCommitteeActiveEXEC 20-12
AA 2021-01University Ethnic Studies CommitteeCommitteeActiveEXEC 20-12
AA 2020-10Online and Hybrid Learning Committee (OHLC)FacultyActiveEPC 20-13
AA 2020-09Extension for the Deadline to Drop a Course for Fall 2020StudentsActiveEPC 20-17
AA 2020-08Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Policy - Effective Date: Fall 2021StudentsActive; Supersedes: AA 2017-11, AA 2004-04, PM 2001-02, PM 1994-05, PM 1991-03, PM 1990-06EPC 20-16
AA 2020-07Graduate CouncilCommitteeActive; Supersedes: AA 2006-21, PM 96-05
AA 2020-06Procedures for Nominating Faculty Trustee CandidatesAdministrativeActive; Supersedes: AA 2005-23, PM 83-05
AA 2020-05College Councils Statements and ProceduresCommitteeActive
AA 2020-04Temporary Suspension of Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) in response to COVID-19 PandemicStudentsActive
AA 2020-03Zero Cost Materials and Low Cost Course Materials [In Compliance with California Senate Bill (SB) 1359]AdministrativeActive; Supersedes: AA 2017-07
AA 2020-02Spring 2020 Grading Modification in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: No Credit and/or Course Withdrawal OptionsStudentsActive
AA 2020-01Non-Tenure Track Faculty Advisory BoardCommittee

ARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2021-03

AA 2018-04General Education Changes to Area GStudentsActive
AA 2018-03Principles of Academic Affairs Facilities and Equitable Space ManagementAdministrativeActive; Supersedes: AA 2014-02 and AA 2006-15
AA 2018-02Faculty Development Center Advisory BoardCommittee Active
AA 2018-01Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to StudentsFacultyARCHIVED; Supersedes AA 2015-05
AA 2017-11Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Policy StudentsARCHIVED; AA 2020-08 Supersedes AA 2017-11, AA 2004-04; AA 2007-07 and AA 2006-27
AA 2017-10Course Instructional ModalityAdministrative Active; Supersedes AA 2007-01
AA 2017-09Credit by Examination for Undergraduates StudentsActive; Supersedes AA 2007-08
AA 2017-08Undergraduate Declaration of Major/MinorStudents Active; Supersedes AA 2007-19
AA 2017-07Zero Cost Course Materials [In Compliance with California Senate Bill (SB) 1359]Administrative ARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2020-03
AA 2017-06Council of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators CommitteeActive
AA 2017-05Planned Leave for UndergraduatesStudentsActive
AA 2017-04Definition of Super SeniorsStudents Active
AA 2017-03Guidelines and Rationale for Campus Tenure-Track Lines OverviewFacultyActive
AA 2017-02Program Review Panel (PRP)CommitteeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2023-02; Supersedes AA 2007-17
AA 2017-01Student Grade AppealsStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 14-05
AA 2016-02Double-Counting Upper Division General Education Courses and Major/Minor CoursesStudents ACHIVED; Superseded by AA 2024-05
AA 2016-01Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Faculty-Lecturer AwardAdministrative Active
AA 2015-05Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students FacultyARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2018-01
AA 2015-04Election of a Faculty Advocate to Represent Faculty in Reported and/or Adjudicated Cases of Disruptive Student BehaviorFacultyActive
AA 2015-03Syllabus ContentStudentsActive; Supersedes AA 2007-22
AA 2015-02Ensuring Consistency Across Instructional Modalities and LocationAdministrativeActive 
AA 2015-01Evaluating Temporary Faculty Unit EmployeesFacultyActive; Supersedes AA 2005-10
AA 2014-04Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Office SpaceAdministrativeActive; Supersedes AA 2007-05
AA 2014-03Principles of Effective Allocation and Utilization of Instructional SpaceAdministrativeActive; Supersedes AA 2007-05
AA 2014-02Principles of Academic Affairs Facilities and Equitable Space ManagementAdministrativeArchive; Superseded by AA 2018-03
AA 2014-01Guidelines for Full-Time Academic and Administrator III and IV PositionsAdministrativeARCHIVED; Superseded by PM 2014-03
AA 2013-02Undergraduate Advising PolicyStudents Active; Supersedes PM 90-04 and AA 2006-04 
AA 2013-01Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (AA PEC)Committee ARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2023-04
AA 2012-04Recruitment of Tenure-Track and Other Full-Time FacultyFacultyActive; Supersedes AA 2005-28
AA 2012-03Improving Communication in the Process of Evaluating Faculty for Reappointment, Tenure, and PromotionFacultyActive
AA 2012-02Policy for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion ProceduresFacultyARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2021-10
AA 2012-01Policy for the Addition of Computer/Information Literacy Expectations and/or Student Learning Outcomes to SyllabiFacultyActive
AA 2010-04GPA Computation for Graduate Program CoursesStudentsActive
AA 2010-03RSCAAP Mini-GrantsCommitteeActive
AA 2010-02Definitions of a Service Learning Course and a Civic Engagement CourseStudentsARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2022-02 
AA 2010-01Articulation of International Baccalaureate Examinations StudentsActive
AA 2007-23Cycle I and Cycle VI Tenure-Track Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF)FacultyActive; Supersedes AA 2004-13
AA 2007-22Syllabus ContentStudentsARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2015-03 
AA 2007-21Entry of Instructors into PeopleSoftAdministrativeActive
AA 2007-20General Education CommitteeCommitteeActive; Supersedes PM 98-05 and AAAP010.003 
AA 2007-19Undergraduate Declaration of Major/MinorStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes AA 2007-02; Superseded by AA 2017-08
AA 2007-18Interpretation of Chancellor's Executive Order 665StudentsActive; Supersedes AA 2006-30
AA 2007-17Program Review Panel (PRP)Committee ARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2017-02
AA 2007-16Program Review PanelCommitteeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2007-17 and AA 2017-02
AA 2007-15Scheduling Classes in the University Library AdministrativeActive
AA 2007-14Early Field ExperienceStudentsActive
AA 2007-13Repeat and Cancel PolicyStudentActive; Supersedes PM 87-17
AA 2007-12Distinction between Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of ScienceAdministrativeActive; Supersedes PM 93-05
AA 2007-11Alternative Forms of CreditStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 81-03
AA 2007-10Curriculum on Department WebsitesAdministrativeActive
AA 2007-09Timely Adoption of TextbooksAdministrativeActive
AA 2007-08Credit by Examination for UndergraduatesStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 78-17; Superseded by AA 2017-09 
AA 2007-07Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)StudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 01-02; Superseded by AA 2017-11
AA 2007-06Honors for Graduating BaccalaureatesStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 78-18 and PM 92-02
AA 2007-05Space Allocation and Assignment Policy and ProcedureAdministrativeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2014-03 and AA 2014-04
AA 2007-04Residency Requirement for MinorStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 82-07 
AA 2007-03Elimination of Required MinorStudentsActive 
AA 2007-02Undergraduate Declaration of Major/MinorStudentsARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2007-19; Note: View AA 2017-08
AA 2007-01Course Instructional ModalityAdministrativeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2017-10
AA 2006-32Student Retention Policy CouncilCommitteeActive
AA 2006-31Online Listing of Program RequirementsAdministrativeActive
AA 2006-30Interpretation of Chancellor's Executive Order 665StudentsARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2007-18
AA 2006-29Role of IRAP in Faculty Research, Scholarly & Creative ActivityFacultyActive
AA 2006-28Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Admission RequirementsStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 84-10
AA 2006-27Passing Grades for the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)StudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 91-03; Superseded by AA 2017-11
AA 2006-26Credit/No Credit Grades for Graduate StudentsStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 82-23
AA 2006-25Minimum Grades in Graduate Program CoursesStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 91-06 
AA 2006-24Unclassified Post-Baccalaureate Students with Undeclared StatusStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 78-21
AA 2006-23MA/MS Special MajorStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 77-37
AA 2006-22Graduate Theses, Projects, and Comprehensive ExaminationsStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 91-05
AA 2006-21Graduate CouncilCommitteeARCHIVED; AA 2020-07 Supersedes AA 2006-21 and PM 96-05
AA 2006-20Time Limits for Graduate Coursework, Theses, Projects, and ExaminationsStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 92-01
AA 2006-19Composition of Graduate Thesis CommitteesCommitteeActive; Supersedes PM 81-18
AA 2006-18University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment CommitteeCommitteeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2024-02; Supersedes PM 02-02
AA 2006-17Course Enrollment LimitsAdministrativeActive
AA 2006-16Course Withdrawal PolicyStudentsActive
AA 2006-15Academic Affairs Facilities and Space CommitteeCommitteeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2018-03
AA 2006-14Continuous Attendance in Master's ProgramsStudentActive; Supersedes PM 88-02; Supersedes PM 02-03
AA 2006-13Reporting Lines and Appeals Process for UCC and GECommitteeActive
AA 2006-12Unit Limits for Summer SessionStudentsActive; Supersedes AA 2004-07
AA 2006-11Faculty Leaves and Honors CommitteeCommitteeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2022-03; Supersedes PM 89-15
AA 2006-10Roles and Responsibilities of Principal Investigators/Project DirectorsAdministrativeActive
AA 2006-09Approval and Submission of ProposalsAdministrativeActive
AA 2006-08Syllabus ContentStudentsARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2007-22; Note: View AA 2015-03
AA 2006-07Department Definition of Scholarship and Creative ActivityFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 90-05
AA 2006-06Use of Terminal Degree in RTP Criteria (Former title: Change in RTP Policy)FacultyActive; Supersedes PM 85-11
AA 2006-05Periodic Evaluation of Tenured FacultyFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 99-03 
AA 2006-04Undergraduate Advising PolicyStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 90-04; Superseded by AA 2013-02
AA 2006-03Evaluation of Assigned/Reassigned Time Activities in the RTP ProcessFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 80-18
AA 2006-02Presidential Outstanding Professor AwardAdministrativeActive
AA 2006-01Relocation and Start-up CostsFacultyActive
AA 2005-29Faculty Workload and SizeFacultyActive
AA 2005-28Recruitment of Tenure-Track FacultyFacultyARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2012-04
AA 2005-27Unusually MeritoriousFacultyActive
AA 2005-26Creation of Faculty AwardsFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 01-05; Supersedes PM 02-06 
AA 2005-25Teaching Responsibilities and Academic FreedomFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 01-07 
AA 2005-24Alternative GradingStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 80-08 
AA 2005-23Procedures for Nominating of Faculty Trustee CandidatesFacultyARCHIVED; AA 2020-06 Supersedes AA 2005-23 and PM 83-05 
AA 2005-22Sabbatical Leave Evaluation Criteria, Weighting, and ReportingFacultyARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 98-08; Superseded by AA 2021-11 
AA 2005-21Dealing with and Reporting Possible Misconduct in ResearchAdministrativeActive; Supersedes PM 01-08 
AA 2005-20Emeritus Faculty StatusFacultyARCHIVED; Superseded by PM 2014-02
AA 2005-19Two-Year Appointments for New Probationary FacultyFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 89-05
AA 2005-18Credit/No Credit CoursesStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 81-10
AA 2005-17Department/Division Chair and School Director DutiesAdministrativeARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2022-01
AA 2005-16Change of GradeStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 90-07 
AA 2005-15Evaluation of Candidates for Honorary DegreesAdministrativeActive; Supersedes PM 95-01 
AA 2005-14Up-to-Date Resume Requirement for Future Faculty Personnel ActionsFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 85-06 
AA 2005-13Retention of Grade RecordsStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 93-07
AA 2005-12Repeat and Cancel for Disciplinary GradesStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 84-05
AA 2005-11Awarding a Posthumous DegreeAdministrativeActive
AA 2005-10Evaluation of Part-Time Temporary LecturersFacultyARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2015-01 
AA 2005-09Expectations for Faculty On-Campus Availability (Former title: Faculty Responsibility)FacultyActive; Supersedes PM 77-05 
AA 2005-08CommencementAdministrativeActive; Supersedes PM 77-06 
AA 2005-07University Committee on Educator Preparation (UCEP)CommitteeActive 
AA 2005-06University Curriculum CommitteeCommitteeActive; Supersedes PM 96-07 
AA 2005-05Grading PolicyStudentsARCHIVED; Supersedes PM 89-14 
AA 2005-04Faculty Office HoursFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 88-04 
AA 2005-03Senate MembershipFacultyActive 
AA 2005-02Student Academic Petitions and Appeals CommitteeStudentsActive; Supersedes PM 99-01
AA 2005-01Undergraduate Declaration of Major/MinorStudentsARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2007-02; Note: View AA 2007-19
AA 2004-20Credit Toward TenureFacultyActive
AA 2004-19Faculty Recruitment TimetableFacultyARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2005-28; Note: View AA 2012-04
AA 2004-18Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity AwardAdministrativeActive
AA 2004-17ABD DefinitionFacultyActive
AA 2004-16Excellence in Service AwardAdministrativeActive
AA 2004-15Temporary Faculty Range ElevationFacultyActive; Supersedes PM 01-01
AA 2004-14WPAF Guidelines - Supplementary InformationFacultyActive
AA 2004-13Cycle I and Cycle VI Tenure-Track Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF)FacultyARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2007-23
AA 2004-12Calculating Graduate AdmissionStudentsActive
AA 2004-11Wait List ProceduresAdministrativeActive
AA 2004-10Calculating Post-Baccalaureate Credential AdmissionStudentsActive
AA 2004-09Lyle E. Gibson AwardAdministrativeActive; Supersedes PM 78-20 and PM 84-09 
AA 2004-08Budget Guidelines for Academic AffairsAdministrativeARCHIVED;Superseded by AA 2023-04
AA 2004-07Unit Limits for Summer SessionStudentsARCHIVED; Superseded by AA 2006-12
AA 2004-06Summer Fee StructureStudentsActive
AA 2004-05Study LoadStudentsActive 
AA 2004-04CSUDH Writing Intensive CoursesStudentsARCHIVED; AA 2020-08 Supersedes AA 2004-04 
AA 2004-03Credit by Exam for Graduate StudentsStudentsActive; PM 78-17, "Credit by Exam for Undergraduate and Graduate Students," is superseded in part by this policy in that it no longer applies to graduate students.
AA 2004-02MA Unit RatioStudentsActive 
AA 2004-01Comprehensive ExamsStudentsActive