Career Possibilities

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development have many diverse career options. The following are commonly chosen options but there are many more:

  • parent educators (professionals who conduct parenting workshops) 
  • child development consultants 
  • preschool teachers 
  • child counselors 
  • youth counselors 
  • court appointed advocates for children 
  • program planners 
  • schoolage program professionals (e.g., school counselors, after-school program coordinators) 
  • planners and coordinators of recreation programs 
  • K-12 teachers

Child Development majors work in settings such as

  • child care centers
  • family and juvenile courts
  • pediatric wards in hospitals 
  • department of parks and recreation 
  • schools 
  • companies that manufacture products for children such as toys, books and software

Individuals with a degree in Child Development can also start centers for children. Some of the positions listed above may require additional training after completing the baccalaureate program in Child Development.

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