Admission Requirements

Applications to the program are accepted one time each year. Students planning to seek admission should submit all application requirements for both the University and the MSOT program no later than September 15 preceding a spring semester admission to the program. Applications received after September 15 will be considered only if class space is available. Follow our Application Checklist to apply.

To be eligible to apply, students must have the following:

Bachelor's Degree

A completed and awarded Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree from an accredited college or university.

Prerequisite Courses

Completed the following prerequisite courses within the last 10 years, minimum 3 semester units each, a minimum of B average in all prerequisite courses, and a minimum of C for each course.

  1. Human Anatomy with laboratory *
  2. Human Physiology with laboratory *
  3. Developmental Psychology (Across the Life Span)
  4. Abnormal Personality or Abnormal Psychology
  5. Statistics
  6. Medical Terminology (Academic credit or certificate, taken from an accredited institution).
    • Note: The CSUDH OT Department offers a Medical Terminology in OT Practice Workshop that meets the Medical Terminology prerequisite requirement. For inquiries, .

* Combined Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses are acceptable as long as each are offered with Lab components, total at least 6 semester units, focus on general gross human structures, and taken from an accredited institution.

* For applicants who completed a 4-unit combined Anatomy and Physiology course with lab that covers all systems, you could take the 2-unit OTR 595 Case-Based Analysis of Anatomical Structures and Functions course offered through CSUDH College of Extended and International Education to meet both Human Anatomy and Human Physiology prerequisite requirements. For inquiries, email:

 It is also acceptable to combine two or more Development courses that focus on different life stages, e.g. a course on Childhood Development from infancy to adolescent and a course on Adulthood and Aging.

Minimum 3.0 GPA

A minimum GPA of 3.0 in bachelor’s degree and prerequisite coursework. We may be able to consider an applicant if the bachelor’s degree GPA falls slightly below the minimum grade requirement if the cumulative Verbal and Quantitative score on the GRE is high enough to compensate for it.

Volunteer hours and verification

Completion of 80 hours of documented volunteer experience under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist and proof of volunteer hours. For multiple observation/volunteer sites, submit proof for each site.


Successful completion of the department workshop: Foundations of Occupational Therapy To register, kindly email the department at

3 letters of recommendation

  • 1 from the licensed occupational therapist who supervised the volunteer hours
  • 2 from professionals that can attest your ability for graduate coursework and level of professionalism

GRE – Analytic Writing

A minimum Analytic Writing score of 4 on the GRE to meet the University writing proficiency standards for graduate admission.

GRE – Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning

A combined minimum cumulative Verbal and Quantitative GRE Score of 800, if the exam was taken prior to August 1, 2011. For GRE taken after August 1, 2011, the required minimum scores are, 140 on the Quantitative Reasoning and 146 on the Verbal Reasoning sections. The GRE needs to be taken within the last 5 years.

Note: Please make sure to choose the correct University and Department codes for CSUDH and Occupational Therapy.

Basic computer skills

Basic computer skills including word processing and file management abilities.