The CSUDH Teacher Education Division (TED) offers several different Bilingual and Dual Language (Spanish-English) programs. All programs offer a pathway to earn the Bilingual Authorization in Spanish and meets the latest Bilingual Authorization expectation set forth by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC):



The CSUDH TED Bilingual & Dual Language programs share the following program goals:


  • Using Funds of Knowledge & Community Cultural Wealth frameworks, candidates will collaborate and nurture authentic relationships with families and parents that are student-centered and develop welcoming transformative and intercultural classroom and school cultures.
  • Using justice and equity frameworks, candidates will critique and analyze the history, policies, program designs, and educational research of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism in the U.S.
  • Candidates will acquire and apply asset-based language & literacy pedagogies in working with multilingual, Spanish-speaking communities. They will reflect a Spanish language (reading, writing, speaking, & listening) proficiency level that is equivalent to the passing standard on the appropriate CSET: World Language examination.
  • Building upon the interrelatedness across the domains of language, candidates will generate an in-depth understanding of bilingual methodologies (throughout the planning, instruction, assessment, and reflection cycle) that are linguistically & culturally sustaining and cultivate their students’ critical consciousness.
  • Candidates will engage in reflective, responsive, & purposeful praxis in working with Spanish-speaking communities in K-12 schools by understanding how historical, geographic, demographic, and linguistic patterns impact migration, immigration, and settlement in the U.S. and the diaspora.