University Intern Bilingual

The University Intern Program is an alternative preliminary credential pathway that allows candidates to work in TK-12 public schools as classroom teacher of record while they complete university coursework necessary to become credentialed teachers.


Candidates who would like to serve as a University Intern in a Dual Language or Bilingual classroom must meet the Bilingual Authorization Language competency requirement prior to service in a Dual Language or Bilingual classroom. Upon meeting this requirement, candidates will be issued a letter from the Bilingual Coordinator in order to add their Bilingual Authorization to their Intern Credential.


Please note that in order to obtain the Bilingual Authorization for a candidate’s preliminary credential, candidates must complete all requirements: language & culture competencies, foundational bilingual/dual language coursework, bilingual/dual language methods courses, and bilingual/dual language fieldwork and resubmit to the completion form.


Bilingual candidates who are employed in a classroom where English is the instructional language will need to complete 20 hours of observations in a Dual Language classroom. The Bilingual Fieldwork Coordinator will place DLL candidates in a Dual Language classroom for a minimum of 20-hours of observations with an experienced and effective educator who embodies humanizing pedagogies.


Upon Completion of all Bilingual Authorization Language Competency for University Intern Credential


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Candidates complete and submit this form to the Bilingual Authorization Coordinator. Candidates will log in using their CSUDH username - like this 

BILA coordinator writes & issues an official letter to candidates indicating completion of the Bilingual Authorization language competency. Coordinator sends the letter via Toromail.

Candidates apply for University Intern credential with the Bilingual Authorization through COE Credential Unit.

 Candidates will upload the official BILA letter when applying for the Intern credential.