Employment Separation


Under CA law, employees who are discharged or have resigned with at least 72 hours notice must be paid all wages due at the time of separation. Employees who quit without giving prior notice must be paid within 72 hours. Below are the regular procedures for processing a separation for an employee in the event of a resignation, or retirement. Following the steps below to complete the separation process will allow Payroll Services enough time to process the separation and produce a final paycheck.

  1. The employee should notify their Appropriate Administrator of their expected separation date and last day of After notice of a resignation, the employee should give the Appropriate Administrator a resignation letter, and enter time in Absence Management. Once HR receives the final documents and separation checklist from the  Appropriate Administrator/Timekeeper, the employee will receive a notification from HR of the checkout procedure, any outstanding property to return and an optional online exit survey.

    • If the separation is due to retirement, be sure to submit a retirement application with CalPERS and notify the Appropriate Administrator of the retirement date. If a retirement application has not been submitted to CalPERS, please contact the Benefits Manager for assistance.

  2. Only unused vacation, CTO, overtime, shift differential and personal holiday are paid out. For questions regarding accruals, please contact the payroll tech assigned to your department.

  3. Final checks will be issued based on the method the employee opted to receive (direct deposit or live check). Direct deposit will not be cancelled; however, Payroll Services will cancel under unforeseen circumstances.

  4. Medical benefits are covered until the end of the current month if the separation date is before the 10th of the month. If the separation date is after the 10th of the month, coverage will end the following month.
Appropriate Administrator/Timekeeper
  1. After notice of resignation the Appropriate Administrator should coordinate with the timekeeper to verify time has been entered into Absence Management, create the separation eFast for the separation type (e.g., Retirement, Resignation - Better Job, End Temporary Appointment, etc.) and initiate the Peoplesoft Separation Checklist. This should be done immediately upon receiving notice of separation.

  2. The eFast along with the associated paperwork, must be approved and submitted to the  Human Resources Office immediately upon notice. All documents can be submitted to HR via the HR secure Dropbox or delivered to WH 340.

  3. HR will approve the eFast and forward to Payroll Services for final check processing.

  4. HR will ensure the Peoplesoft checklist is activated before notifying the employee of the checkout procedure and any outstanding property to return. HR will also provide an optional online exit survey.

    • Once the employee returns the items, HR will provide a receipt to the employee and forward all property to the respective departments.

  5. Payroll Services will produce the final check for the employee. If the employee did not give 72 hours advance notice prior to resignation, Payroll and HR will ensure that the final check is mailed to the employee.