ADA Reasonable Accommodation Guidelines


Employees seeking disability support and accommodation should contact the ADA Manager, located in the office of Human Resource Management. The ADA Manager has been designated as the campus authority to verify employee disabilities and to assist the appropriate department administrator with identifying specific accommodations for employees with documented disabilities. All accommodations are individualized based on the disability and the nature of the job.

Job Accommodation Request

Any employee who believes they need a medical accommodation to assist them with performing the essential functions of their job is encouraged to request an ADA job accommodation. The Employee, the employee's representative, and/or the appropriate administrator or the Dean may initiate an ADA job accommodation request. Please contact the ADA Coordinator at 310-243-3771 for assistance when considering a job accommodation.

The accommodation request process shall be used to resolve accommodation needs. The ADA Coordinator will assist in obtaining the information needed to ensure the department and the employee are in a position to make an informed decision regarding reasonable accommodations.

All requests for reasonable accommodations must be in writing using ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form and Medical Provider Disability Verification Form.  The appropriate administrator receiving requests for ADA job accommodations shall direct employees to submit their request in writing by using the aforementioned forms or providing the information requested on the forms on their medical providers' letterhead.

Employees are urged to contact the ADA Coordinator regarding any questions or concerns regarding ADA job accommodations.

Prospective Employees and Visitors

Prospective employees and visitors requiring disability support and accommodation resources should contact the individual office applicable to their accommodation need. For information regarding parking and transportation please contact Parking & Transportation Services at (310) 243-3725 or visit the Parking & Transportation Services website. 

For staff interview accommodations, please contact the ADA Manager at (310) 243-3771 for guidance and further assistance.

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

It is the policy of the CSU to make information technology resources and services accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff and the general public regardless of disability. For more information, including resources, policy requirements regarding departmental software purchases, etc., please visit the CSU Dominguez Hills ATI Webpage.

Reporting a Physical Access Barrier

Staff, faculty, students and campus visitors who encounter a physical access barrier on campus, such as an inoperative elevator or unresponsive power door; bicycles or vehicles blocking access ramps or curb cuts; overhanging branches; and/or difficulty traveling a route because of construction, etc., are encouraged to report such barriers directly to Facilities Services at (310) 243-3804 or you can contact the ADA Manager at (310) 243-3771.

Employee Ergonomic Request

If you are only requesting an ergonomic workstation evaluation, you do not need to complete the certification form. Please contact Environmental Health & Safety at (310) 243-2895 to learn more about ergonomic resources, please visit the Ergonomic Program Website.


Students seeking disability support and accommodation resources should contact the Student disAbility Resource Center (SdRC). The SdRC has been designated as the campus authority to verify disabilities and to prescribe specific accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Individualized programs are designed that enable students to compete academically on an equal basis with their peers. Academic accommodations and support services are available to students who have mobility, visual, or hearing impairments, chronic health conditions, and/or attention, learning or psychological disorders. You may contact the Student disAbility Center at (310) 243-3660 for assistance.