Performance Evaluations

This guide has been written to help you do your job. Employees have the right to performance evaluations. All satisfactory and unsatisfactory performance must be documented. Please take a few moments to read the guidelines, plan time to write the appraisal and then set aside some uninterrupted time to discuss the evaluation with the employee. Comments and suggestions concerning the appraisal document and guidelines are most welcome. Human Resources Management staff are available if your questions are not answered in the accompanying materials.

During this pandemic the process of preparing the annual evaluation will remain the same. When the final evaluation is ready to be issued to the employee for signature, this may be done in a variety of ways, including sign-and scan, wet signature, and AdobeSign. Please utilize a method that is comfortable for you and the employee. All signed final evaluations must be submitted to the HR Dropbox folder. All annual staff evaluations are due to HR not later then July 31, 2020

Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) - Unit 1

California State University Employees Union (CSUEU) - Units 2, 5, 7 & 9

Academic Professionals of California (APC) - Unit 4

Teamsters 2010 - Unit 6

Statewide University Police Association (SUPA) - Unit 8

Management Personnel Program (MPP) / Confidential (C99) 

All annual MPP/Confidential evaluations are due to HR not later then August 21, 2020. 

CSU Collective Bargaining Agreements

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