Virtual Getaways


Museum Tours where you can experience art all over the world.


Science museum tour where you can discover and expand your knowledge for the benefit of humanity.


National Parks

National Parks where you can experience nature in a relaxed setting.


Aquarium Webcams virtually getaway and dive into the lives of the creatures of the sea.


Zoo Webcams to virtually getaway and take that Zoo trip you always wanted to take.

Virtual Tours for Kids

Kids love the scene in the movie Night at the Museum when the giant moai statue says “Dum dum give me gum.” Now they can explore the actual site on Easter Island where these giant mysterious statues originated.

The Children Museum in Houston has developed the All-Time Access program so kids can experience interactive learning wherever they may be. There are 3D or virtual field trips, daily broadcasts kids can tune in to listen to a story or learn how to create something, or explore a long list of videos, all designed to answer the questions curious kids ask. 


MetKids was developed for (and by) kids of ages seven to twelve. Kids can hop in time machines, watch videos or navigate a map to learn more about some of The Met’s most popular art. Masha Turchinsky, Series Producer and Senior Manager of Digital Learning for the Met explains: “We worked with #MetKids contributors from around the world. They told us they saw the Met as a huge time machine that they wanted to jump into and explore, in terms they could understand.”