CHRS Recruiting


Employment Manager
(310) 243-3771

Recruiter for the following Divisions:

  • President’s Office
  • Academic Affairs
  • University Advancement

Tanisha Dean
Employment Specialist
(310) 243-3015

Recruiter for the following Divisions:

  • Information Technology
  • Administration and Finance

Latisha Thomas
Recruitment Analyst
(310) 243-3859

Recruiter for the following Division:

  • Student Affairs

Adrienne Gutierrez
HR Support Assistant
(310) 243-2780

  • Onboarding Delegate


If you are beginning a new faculty recruitment and would like training, or if you have questions on how to navigate CHRS Recruiting, visit the Faculty Affairs & Development website or contact:
Office of Faculty Affairs and Development
(310) 243-3766

CHRS Recruiting System Changes & Updates - Coming soon