CHRS Recruiting

The University seeks to recruit, retain and engage highly talented and diverse employees who will advance the mission of CSUDH. The campus is committed to maintaining an inclusive community that values diversity and fosters tolerance and mutual respect. Together, we strive for educational equity and seek to promote a fair and open environment for the exchange of ideas.   


Julio Arevalo
Employment Manager
(310) 243-3093

Recruiter for the following Divisions:

  • President’s Office
  • Academic Affairs
  • University Advancement

Tanisha Dean
Employment Specialist
(310) 243-3015

Recruiter for the following Divisions:

  • Information Technology
  • Administration and Finance

Latisha Thomas
Recruitment Analyst
(310) 243-3859

Recruiter for the following Division:

  • Student Affairs

Adrienne Gutierrez
HR Support Assistant
(310) 243-2780

  • Onboarding Delegate


If you are beginning a new faculty recruitment and would like training, or if you have questions on how to navigate CHRS Recruiting, visit the Faculty Affairs & Development website or contact:
Office of Faculty Affairs and Development
(310) 243-3766

CHRS Recruiting System Changes & Updates - Coming soon