Etiquette for Concert Behavior

 So that everyone may have a pleasant concert going experience, please show respect for the performers and your fellow audience members by complying with these guidelines.

Refrain from talking or any other vocal outbursts during the performance
The recital hall is a very live room and even a whisper can be amplified and disturb others.

Do not leave in the middle of a movement
If you must leave the concert hall before it is over, quietly exit at a definite break in the music, preferably at the end of an entire composition during the applause. Be careful not to allow the door to slam as you leave.

If you are late, do not enter until there is a definite break in the music
Because any sound is amplified in a recital hall, attempts to find a seat in the middle of a performance is very distracting to the performers as well as the audience.

Please applaud only at the end of an entire composition
It is considered proper concert behavior NOT to applaud after the individual movements of a sizeable composition, but to wait until the very end before showing your appreciation.

Please no videotaping or photography without prior permission

Cell phones, and other potentially distracting devices should be turned off or set to silent/vibrate

Small children and infants must be taken out to the lobby if they become a disruption or begin to cry

Failure to comply with the above may result in your removal from the concert.
Thank you for your cooperation.   

The Department of Music, within the Division of Performing, Visual and Digital Media Arts, makes an effort to bring interesting and unusual concerts to the University and surrounding Community. It is our intention that by following these guidelines, everyone’s enjoyment will be enhanced.