Health and Safety Statement

The CSUDH Department of Music, as required by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), is obligated to inform students, faculty and staff of the health and safety issues, hazards and procedures inherent in music practice, performance, teaching and listening both in general and as applicable to their specific specializations. This includes but is not limited to basic information regarding the maintenance of hearing, vocal, and musculoskeletal health and injury prevention. This also includes instruction on the use, proper handling, and operation of potentially dangerous materials, equipment, and technology as applicable to specific program offerings or experiences.

Although the music department gives the highest priority to health and safety throughout its policies, protocols, and operations, it is important to note that the primary factor in your health and safety is you, and depends largely on your personal decisions. You are personally responsible for avoiding risk and preventing injuries to yourself before, during, and after study at the CSUDH Department of Music. The policies and procedures developed and followed by the Department do not alter or cancel any individual's personal responsibility, or in any way shift personal responsibility for the results of any individual's personal decisions or actions in any instance or over time to the university.