Music Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts in Music 

Degree Options

The Performance Option
This degree option prepares students for careers as a professional performers or private studio instructors. With supportive coursework in Music Industry, students in the Performance option will be training for life as professional musicians in the new DIY music business. We have a world-class faculty of studio instructors offering individual lessons in piano, woodwinds, brass, voice, bowed strings, percussion, and guitar as well as lessons in songwriting and composition in classical, jazz, and contemporary musical styles. 


The Music Education Option 
This option is intended for students who wish to prepare for careers as music educators in grades K-12. Students who complete this degree option automatically meet the requirements for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET), which allows them to enter the Single Subject Credential program in the university's College of Education. More information on the COE Single Subject Program can be found at:


The General Music Option
This degree option is intended for students who wish to pursue a liberal arts degree with a concentration in music, but do not necessarily wish to prepare for a career as a professional performing musician or music educator. With minimum performance requirements, this option is ideal for students who plan to combine their music degree with other fields of study.


University Catalog 
Additional descriptions and details on requirements are listed in the University Catalog at:


Minor in Music


Introductory and Specific Music Subject Matter Authorization