Scott Morris
Department Chair, Classical Guitar
Lynn Atkins
Classical and Contemporary Voice
Mary Au
Collaborative Piano
Teodross Avery
Contemporary Saxophone
Peter Buck
Contemporary Percussion
Professor Julian Coryell
Contemporary Guitar
Ernesto Cruz
Director of Latin American Music Regional Ensemble
Chuck Dickerson
Director of Orchestra
Jonathon Grasse
World Music & Music Composition
Virginia Figueiredo
Classical Clarinet
Matthew Grief
Classical & Contemporary Guitar
Dr. Chika Inoue
Classical Saxophone
David Issacs
Classical Guitar
Kathleen Janert
Classical and Contemporary Trumpet
Brian Madigan
Music Lecturer
Bradley Moller
Classical and Contemporary Low Brass
Megumi Smith
Classical Percussion
Stephen Moore
Classical and Contemporary Piano
Dr. Rik Noyce
Classical Flute and Oboe
Kendra Vuk
Classical and Contemporary Voice
Trevor Ware
Classical and Contemporary Bass
Hal Weary
Supervisor of Music Industry
Dr. Oghenevwarho Ojakovo
Director, Center for African Diaspora Sacred Music and Musicians