Mission & Vision Statement

Message from the Chair

Dr. Scott Morris

The Department of Music at CSU Dominguez Hills offers programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Music with options in Performance (including all instruments, voice, conducting, and composition), General Music, and Music Education.

The Music Program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and is distinguished by the wide range of possible experiences it offers the student including performance, composition, conducting, music history, world music, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, music for the theater, jazz, commercial music, and gospel.

We are currently in the process of updating our program. The B.A. in Performance will be replaced by a Bachelor of Music degree with four areas of emphasis: Instrumental Performance, Vocal Performance, Composition, and Contemporary Music. The B.M. degree is expected to launch during the fall 2023 semester.

Mission Statement

The CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Music seeks to prepare students for lives as professional musicians and educators in the 21st century through a well-rounded curriculum, small class sizes, and individualized instruction. The rapidly changing musical landscape that awaits our students requires a wide range of skills that go beyond musical competence. The department values and acknowledges our relationship with the surrounding communities and aspires to be a major musical and cultural center in the region.

Specific Goals:

  • Provide a transformative and value-added educational experience to our diverse student population
  • Train and prepare effective and skilled solo and collaborative performers, teachers, composers, songwriters, and engaged citizens
  • Develop critical thinkers who value musical and cultural diversity, innovation, and a respect for tradition
  • Enrich campus and community life by providing access to performing arts events
  • Engage the local communities through both musical and pedagogical outreach
  • Support initiatives that facilitate the growth of faculty as teachers, scholars, performers, and artists
  • Help each student develop as a complete musician: creator, performer, and teacher
  • Incorporate improvisation across the music curriculum


The CSUDH Department of Music seeks to provide students access to high quality, innovative, and creative musical instruction and to become an important cultural center for the community and region. The department aspires to:

  • Become a school of first choice for talented music students in performance and music education
  • Raise the public profile of the department through outstanding instruction, student success, faculty performance, scholarship, and other creative activities
  • Continue to develop new programs and curriculum to better serve the needs of our students

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will acquire the cultural knowledge and the professional skills necessary for a career in music
  • Students will demonstrate a broad knowledge of music history and theory
  • Students will demonstrate musicianship skills adequate to support the performance and pedagogy of music
  • Students will acquire hands-on experience with current music and media-related technologies
  • Students will demonstrate the skill set needed of music teachers for studios and private and public schools
  • Students will perform music from the standard repertoire related to their major area of study as soloists and as ensemble members