Practice Room & Key Process

Department of Music Practice Room Process & Responsibility for Students

In order to utilize any of the campus practice room facilities, a practice room key fob and practice room card are required.  The key fob may be renewed yearly near the end of the spring semester, and a new practice room card should be obtained each semester

La Corte Hall:     The Second Floor Practice Room Suite is located behind the glass door directly across from the stairs.
The Library:        LIB E-107A, LIB E-107B, LIB E-107C and LIB E-119C

Who is Eligible:
Music Majors, Students Registered in Ensembles, Applied Lessons Students, and Piano Class students (restricted to the Library facilities) NO student will be issued a fob key unless they are first registered in the appropriate class.

The Process:

  1. Pick up your Practice Room Fees Form in the Music Office LCH E303.

  2. Complete Practice Room Form. A $25.00 refundable deposit is required.

  3. Take the Fees Form to the cashier, pay the deposit, have the formed stamped and obtain a receipt.

  4. Return the Fees Form and receipt to the Department of Music At that time you will be issued a Practice Room Card.

  5. A copy of your receipt is made and the original receipt is returned to you. Please keep it in a safe place.

  6. A Key Request and Justification is processed by the Department of Music that goes through the Dean’s Office and Plant Operations.

  7. The Department of Music is notified when they are ready for pick up.  PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST 5-10 FULL WORKING DAYS for the key to be ready. You will be notified by student email and outside door posting when they are ready for pick up at Campus Police (WH 100).

  8. At Campus Police, you must present your student ID and receipt in order to pick up your key. Please pick them up as soon as possible. You will be provided a copy of the campus key policy along with your key at this time. 

  9. Practice Room Cards are good from the date of issue to the third week of the following semester which means they are good from Fall until the third week of the Spring semester and from the Spring semester until the third week of Fall.  The cards will be dated. If you have an electronic key and do not obtain a new card for the following semester your key may be deactivated.
  10. In the Spring, if you are not graduating, the electronic key may be renewed for the following year.  Please note that the Department cut-off for renewal is different from the 10-day campus policy.  Check your email for that cut-off date and for details how to renew.  An email and hard copy of this information will be posted outside the department and Practice Room Suites. Failure to renew in time will result in key deactivation and deposit loss. New paperwork and deposits would need to be completed the following Fall.                      

  11.  When you are finished with your fob key please return it to Campus Police and obtain a receipt.  Take that receipt to the Cashier and file the paperwork with them for your refund of your deposit.  It will arrive in the mail. 

    A special note regarding lost keys:
    Please remember that the key is state property.  If it is lost a report must be filed with the University Police. The deposit will not be returned.  In order to obtain another key, a copy of the police report must be brought to the office. A new key cannot be ordered without a copy of this report-no exceptions. New paperwork as well as a new deposit must be filed. Depending on the time of the semester this occurs a new key may not be issued until the following term. This is up the discretion of the office. 

Room responsibility:
These rooms are for practicing only. Please keep them clean.  No food or drink is allowed at any time and never place anything on the pianos.  You must keep a current Practice Room Card with you at all times while you are using any of the rooms.


The Department of Music reserves the right at any time to deactivate an electronic key or suspend practice room privileges, which are given at the discretion of the Department.

Campus Key Policy:  Student section G

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