Dr. Keisha Paxton
  • Please direct general and/or clinical and practicum related questions to Dr. Paxton
  • Please direct admissions, comprehensive examination, and graduation related questions to Dr. Santos 

Our program provides students with a solid academic background by giving them an opportunity to complete advanced coursework and further develop their research skills by working closely with a faculty mentor on a research project or thesis. A wide variety of practicum sites are available for students to learn about direct service provision to clients, employees, and patients. The MA Psychology program is designed for students who want to strengthen their academic record in preparation for applying to doctoral programs. Others choose to begin careers in industry, mental health, community agency and education settings.

M.A. in Clinical Psychology (PDF)
The Clinical Psychology option is designed to meet the professional needs of college graduates who plan careers in community mental health or who are already employed as paraprofessionals and desire to further their education and opportunities for advancement. The student is offered a unique opportunity to obtain solid academic knowledge of clinical psychology coupled with extensive research and supervised experience in the application of such knowledge.  Students can earn up to 3 units of credit per semester for directed research (PSY 598) and thesis research (PSY 599).


M.A. in Health Psychology (PDF) 
The Health Psychology Option will provide students with a solid academic background in health psychology. This specialized track is designed to meet the professional needs of college graduates who plan careers in community mental health and other health care settings such as rehabilitation centers, primary care centers and hospices. In addition, students enrolled in the Health Psychology Option will learn how to promote wellness in individuals and within organizations, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs. The goal of concentrated study in health psychology is to provide the student with an understanding of the relationships among relationships among biological, psychological, and social factors as they interact to influence mental and physical health. This goal is accomplished through an integrated program of coursework and research training.  Students can earn up to 3 units of credit per semester for directed research (PSY 598) and thesis research (PSY 599).


Frequently Asked Questions

     How do I apply?

A. Please review specific requirements at psychology.

Students can apply and submit all materials via Cal State Apply web site located at

     When is the application deadline for entering the program?

A. Applications are due March 1st for entrance into the Fall cohort.

     How many students apply for admission?

A. The admissions committee reviews approximately 50-100 applicants per year.

     How many students are admitted into the program each year?

A. Although it differs from year to year, approximately 20 students are admitted into the Master of Arts in Psychology: Clinical Psychology option each year. Approximately 10 students will be admitted into the Master of Arts in Psychology Health Psychology option each year.

     What are the admission requirements?

A. Bachelor's Degree from a fully accredited institution of higher education. Completion of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test. At least a "B" average in the last 60 semester units attempted. Successful completion of the following undergraduate courses or their equivalent, with at least a "B" average:

PSY 230. Elementary Statistical Analysis in Psychology (3)
PSY 235. Introduction to Research Methods (3)
PSY 330. Intermediate Statistics and Research Design (3) or
PSY 331. Measurement in Psychology (3)
PSY 360. Theories of Personality (3)
PSY 363. Abnormal Psychology (3)
PSY 464. Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3)

Special consideration concerning the waiving of some of the above requirements is possible (e.g., if the student has had extensive previous experience in the community or clinical area).

     Are there any minimum GPA or GRE/MAT score requirements?

A. Potential applicants must have at least a "B" average in the last 60 semester units attempted (excluding lower division and extension units). There are no minimum score cut-offs for the GRE.

     Do I need to take the GRE psychology subject test?

A. No, the GRE psychology subject test is not required for admission. However, applicants may submit their GRE psychology subject test score as supplemental information.

     What are the university and department codes for the GRE?

A. The code for CSUDH is 4098. The departmental code for clinical psychology is 2001.

     My undergraduate major is not in psychology; can I still apply to
     your program?

A. Yes. Admission requirements include a Bachelor of Science/Arts Degree or equivalent from a fully accredited institution. You do not need a degree in psychology to be admitted into the program, but you must complete the prerequisite courses in order to be considered for admission. It is highly recommended that students have a strong background in psychology.

     What career(s) do most graduates from this program go into with
     their degree?

A. The Master of Arts in Psychology: Clinical Psychology prepares you for a career in counseling, teaching and research in community settings, which includes public or private agencies. Career opportunities in the educational sector include research and psychological assessment as well as student affairs counseling and community college teaching. The business sector employs clinical psychology graduates as affirmative action directors, human relations trainers and employee assistance counselors. Many of our graduates are successful in gaining admission to and graduating from the doctoral programs of their choice.

     Do you offer a degree in counseling/therapy?

A. The Psychology Master of Arts Program provides a solid academic background in clinical psychology as it is applied within a community mental health framework.

     If accepted into the program, can I attend part-time?

A. Yes, it is possible to attend part-time.

     What is the length of the program?

A. The program is designed to take 2 years to complete. Students must complete 30 units of coursework and 550 supervised clinical hours.

     Is funding or financial aid available?

A. Funding is available through the University Financial Aid Office. To apply for financial aid, students are required to complete and submit a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Central Processor. You may also file your FAFSA online at Based on your calculated financial need, you will be considered for grants, loans, and student employment. Visit for more information about financial aid.