Applying to Graduate School

Are you Considering Graduate School? 

There is much to know about applying to graduate school, so start early!


General information:

These websites explain the preparation needed to apply to graduate school, the ins-and-outs of the process, and offer other useful tools and resources.

Comprehensive Site about Graduate School from the APA

Comprehensive Site about Graduate School from CSUDH Career Center

Comprehensive Site about Graduate School with Links to Some Great APA Videos from UCSD


APA Resources on Graduate Applications

Other Resources


Recommended Books and Readings


Links to Our CSUDH Master’s Programs

Our campus has a number of graduate programs.  To see the complete list, go HERE. These programs hold informational sessions throughout the year and also post important information on their websites.  The most relevant to psychology would be:


Funding Your Graduate Education

This is a page from the APA’s website the lists sources of funding, aid and loans, secret for funding research.

Graduate School & Programs Information


Upcoming Graduate School & Programs Events