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  • Wallethub features Dr. Kevin Montes in a Recent Piece About States Most Addicted to Gambling 
    • Should sports betting be legal in all states? What are the pros and cons? I think in order to answer this question, more information is needed to assess the extent to which legalization of sports betting will have a positive (e.g., tax revenue generated) and/or negative impact (e.g., health, societal, and financial) on individuals residing in the United States. Although research can be done to assess this impact in states where legal sports betting can take place, in order to get a better approximation of this impact across all states, sports betting would have to be legal in order for this impact to be more accurately assessed. Long story short, I think the research is equivocal to support the legalization... click here to read  more


  • Mark Carrier Writes New Book about How Technology Impacts Us


WE all love our technology gadgets and we benefit in many ways from using them, but where do we look if we want to learn about the potentially negative effects that they are having on us? Listening to the media and reading websites can give conflicting information--of dubious quality--about the impact that personal technology has upon our psyches. Mark Carrier, cognitive psychologist and a Professor of Psychology at CSUDH, reviewed the most recent scientific literature on a variety of related topics and summarizes it in his new book from publisher ABC-CLIO, “From Smartphones to Social Media: How Technology Affects our Brains and Behavior.” He aims to present a balanced analysis of the extant literature on such topics as using social media, Internet addiction, distraction and learning, video gaming, online classes, and cyberbullying. Dr. Carrier plans to use the book in his SBS 318 sections (“Global Impact of Technology”).

Information about the book can be found here: From Smartphones to Social Media