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The year you began your studies at CSUDH is your catalog year. 

Updated October 26, 2020

Please make sure you touch base with an advisor at least one time this semester.  Your first appointment can be held with a Peer advisor.  The peer advisors can tell you: if you are taking the correct Psychology courses, determine if the Psychology courses you have taken will fulfill the requirements for the Psychology degree, and make substitution requests*. 

*After reviewing your academic requirements page, you may find that you have not received credit for a psychology course you completed.  You will need to make a substitution request.   

Click on the links to make an appointment with a Peer Advisor.  The peer advisor will send you a zoom link so you can set up a meeting.   


Fall 2020 Hours 









The Psychology Department advising takes via Zoom appointment. Click on the links to make an appointment with a Peer Advisor. 

Students who are contemplating or have decided upon a major or minor in psychology or who have interest in taking psychology courses as electives should see an advisor at their first opportunity. It is in each students best interest to see an advisor at least once a semester.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carl Sneed