Please make sure you touch base with an advisor at least one time this semester. Your first appointment can be held with a Peer advisor (only available during the regular school year). The peer advisors can tell you: if you are taking the correct Psychology courses, determine if the Psychology courses you have taken will fulfill the requirements for the Psychology degree, and make substitution requests*.

*After reviewing your academic requirements page, if you find that you have not received credit for a course you completed you will need to let an advisor know, so that we can make a substitution request for you. The most common substitution requests are for MAT 131/132 and lower division courses that are transferred from other colleges (e.g., PSY 101, 230, 235, 240).

If you need assistance selecting classes for next term you have many options. 

  • Peer Advisor
    • Schedule a meeting with an advanced psychology major, a peer advisor (only available during the regular Fall and Spring semesters)
    • The peer advisors can help you understand the requirements for coursework associated with the Psychology major by completing the major worksheet. After you complete the worksheet, you will have your educational plan.
  • College Advisor
    • Mo Chatterji, Academic Advisor, call Psychology department to schedule an appointment: 310-243-3427.