Commonly Used Forms


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Petition for Exception


The Petition for Exception Form is used when a student is requesting an exception to a university policy. The student should first meet with the designated staff person or the Associate Dean from the College associated with the request to assist in determining whether a Petition for Exception is the appropriate procedure to address the situation. Petitions for Exceptions are not granted automatically and must be accompanied by compelling external verification or documentation.

Students may petition for exception to certain university academic regulations when unusual circumstances exist. It should be noted, however, that academic regulations contained in Title 5, California Code of Regulations, cannot be waived by petition. Before filing a petition, students must first speak with the designated representatives in the School or College associated with their request. Only in cases where no alternate means of resolution is available should a student then file a petition.

Change of Program: Add/Drop


The Change of Program form should be submitted if a student wishes to make any change in their official schedule after regular registration. Program changes during regular registration can be done online at Changes include dropping a class, adding a class, changing the number of units for a class in which the student is registered, and changing from one section to another of the same course. After the regular registration period, the student must submit the Change of Program form, which requires the student to obtain approval of the instructor, department chair, and dean’s signature before submitting to the Registrar’s Office.

A change of program is any change made in a student's official schedule. Changes include dropping a class, adding a class, changing the number of units for a class in which the student is registered, and changing from one section to another of the same course.

Change of Undergraduate Major/Minor


Undergraduate students who wish to declare a new major/minor or add a second major/minor must complete the Change of Undergraduate Major/Minor Form. To declare a new major/minor or to add a second major/minor, the student must receive department approval from the academic department that houses the major/minor they wish to add.

A student may change his/her major or minor at any time before applying for graduation. If a student has not declared his/her major and is ready to do so, it is also considered a change of the major or minor. The student should complete the Change of Undergraduate Major/Minor Form [PDF] and sign it. The form must also be signed by the appropriate program/faculty member.

Once the form has been signed by all persons, it must be submitted to The Registrar’s Office for processing.

Request for Change of Graduation Date


The Request for Change of Graduation Date Form is used if a student wishes to declare a new graduation date. Students should refer to the deadlines posted on the website to understand the window in which they should apply for graduation.

Late Graduation Application


The Late Graduation Application for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Candidates Form should be submitted only if the student is attempting to apply for graduation past the published deadline. Graduation Applications filed after the posted deadline are assessed an additional fee along with the regular graduation processing fee. Fees must be paid within 48 hours.

Exception of Academic Policy for Repetition of Courses


The Exception to Academic Policy for Repetition of Courses Form can be submitted in unique circumstances in which the student is able to demonstrate need and documentation for circumstances which support the potential for the student’s future academic success. An undergraduate student may not enroll in or receive unit credit for a course for which the student has already received a grade of A, B, C, or CR. Students can use this form if they wish to seek an exception to undergraduate limit for repetition of courses, or if they seek an exception to repeat a course more than twice.

Notice of Repeated Course (Repeat & Cancel)


Repeat and Cancel is used to request that a subsequent grade is substituted for the earlier grade in the computation of units attempted and grade point average (GPA). The original course grade remains on the students record but is annotated as being discounted from GPA computations. The Repeat and Cancel Policy may be used only by students working towards a baccalaureate degree. Repeat and Cancel may only be used on courses taken and repeated at CSUDH, or at another CSU campus during summer Sessions or as a CSU visitor/concurrent student. Restrictions apply, refer to the form for more information about restrictions and university policy regarding Repeat and Cancel.

Time Conflict Form


The Time Conflict Approval Form is used if a student is attempting to enroll in two classes that have a time overlap. In this situation, the student must receive permission from both instructors on the Time Conflict Approval Form.


A student wishing to enroll in two classes that overlap must get permission from both instructors. The student must:

  • Use the Approval for Time Conflict Form [PDF] to obtain approval (signature) to enroll from each instructor.
  • Obtain Late Registration Permission Numbers from each instructor and enter them on the Change of Program Form [PDF].
  • Return the completed forms to The Registrar's Office to be registered in-person during late registration period only.