Welcome to the Sociology Department!

Program Description:
The study of Sociology offers students the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of social processes and structures, so as to be able to live and work in our diverse global society and to apply the tools of social analysis to a broad range of professional, academic and community situations. The methods and knowledge developed by sociologists reflect the complexity of human organization, social life, inequalities and social justice. The newly emerging patterns of social change continue to alter our life, making the effective applications of social analysis more important than ever before in solving problems of inequalities, human organization and justice at a local and global level.

The department of Sociology at CSUDH is committed to its mission of sociology in service to community. The department is composed of a diverse, innovative and stimulating faculty who teach and pursue research in a variety of areas that are important in today's global societies. The sociology faculty offers undergraduate and graduate programs with several emphasis that respond directly to the needs of today's students. We offer a wide range of opportunities to engage in service learning, applied research and community studies and organizing.

Undergraduate majors and minors and graduate students may concentrate their studies in a variety of areas including applied research, community studies, criminology and justice studies, the helping professions and social change in global context. Sociology prepares students for careers in social work, law, criminal justice, government, non-profit and community and international organizations, education, gerontology, medicine, community service, urban planning, politics, business, academia, human resources and applied research.

Undergraduates majoring in sociology may elect to concentrate their studies in any of the areas mentioned above or in an area designed in consultation with faculty to best fit their academic or professional goals.  Students majoring in other disciplines or professional programs may tailor a minor in sociology to complement their major field of study.  A minor in Sociology complements a wide range of majors, including psychology, political science, computer science, liberal studies, human services, public administration and many others.  Graduate students often plan their studies in the context of more specific career and professional goals, or to augment their current professions.

Academic Advising:
Sociology faculty provide advisement for majors, minors and graduate students in sociology, and also provide limited general education advisement for sociology majors. Faculty are available for both daytime and night students. For graduate studies, Dr. La Tanya Skiffer should be contacted. For faculty office hours and general questions, please call the department office at 310-243-3039.  Students are advised to meet with a faculty advisor early, in order to take the best advantage of opportunities offered by the Department.  They may go to any faculty member for Sociology advising.

Career Possibilities:
The Sociology Department's programs are designed to prepare students for graduate study in sociology and for professional positions and careers in a variety of fields in federal, state and local agencies as well as for jobs in private business and non- profit institutions and applied research. Studies in sociology provide good preparation for careers in social work, law, probation and criminology as well as community organizing, labor unions and public service jobs. Students completing a master's degree in sociology can teach at a community college and work toward a Ph.D. A degree in sociology also complements technical and administrative programs by broadening students' understanding of social organizations, social inequalities, social structures, global and local processes and human behavior. Contact the department office to for a list of faculty advisors to help you with you career choices and planning.