The Sociology Club

The mission of the Sociology Club is to provide opportunities for students to achieve high academic expectations by providing mentorship, networking, and community service.

The Sociology Club helps students build and strengthen their social networks between students, faculty, and communities. Similar to the Sociology Program, the Sociology Club is guided by the philosophy of “Service to Community,” which means a commitment to assist communities in need through volunteerism and community organizing.

The Sociology Club assists in developing students organizational and leadership skills in order to become great role models and leaders. The Sociology Club has provided community services to local non-profit organizations that work with at risk youth and low-income families.

In addition, students are mentored by providing them with information required to succeed in their field of interests and career objectives, such as graduate school.

The Sociology Club helps to develop students’ critical analysis of literature, current events, and issues of interest in which all persons’ ideologies and beliefs are respected.

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