Dr. Joanna B. Perez

Dr. Joanna Perez

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Sociology

Associate Professor


Dr. Joanna Perez joined the Sociology Department in fall 2016. Grounded on her experience as a proud daughter of Guatemalan immigrants and first-generation scholar, she is committed to engaging in social justice work. Her research lies at the intersection of immigration, family, education, and social movements. Using qualitative methods and accounting for intersectionality, she examines how systems of power and inequality shape the social conditions of immigrant communities. To that end, her research reveals key pathways by which historically castigated and stigmatized social groups are capable of using activism to rectify and potentially reverse their prescribed positions in society. As an educator, she is invested in meeting the needs of underserved students and facilitating student-centered learning environments that draw from students’ experiences, strengths, and resilience. Informed by the voices, experiences, and needs of the community, her service commitments aim to promote equity, access, and empowerment.


University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
M.A.Sociology (Minor in Latina/o Studies)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B.A.Sociology (Minos in Civic Engagement and Labor & Workplace Studies)
University of California, Los Angeles


Latina/o Sociology, Immigration, Family, Education, Racial & Ethnic Minorities, Law and Society, Social Movements, and Qualitative Methods


  • SOC 316: Adult Life & Aging
  • SOC 320: The Family
  • SOC 331: Minority Racial & Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 518: Marriage and the Family
  • UNV 101: Undocumented & Unafraid


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