Casino Night Policy

Campus organizations may request, through the Office of Student Life, to sponsor a free Las Vegas or Casino Night on the campus. An organization member must meet with a representative of the Office of Student Life well in advance (6 weeks) of the event to review the legal and procedural restrictions on such events. Representatives from the following areas will be in attendance during this initial Event Planning Meeting: sponsoring group(s) representative and advisor, Office of Student Life, Student Union, University Police, and Food Services, if applicable. During the initial Event Planning Meeting, decisions will be made regarding the logistics for the event. No publicity may be posted for or contracts entered into without prior event authorization from the Office of Student Life. Sponsoring organizations should plan to attend 3-4 Event Planning Meetings with a representative of the Office of Student Life. An individual organization may sponsor only two (2) free Casino Nights per academic year.

The sponsoring organization must comply with all provisions of Campus Policies and State and Federal Laws concerning casino parties; in particular, information detailed in Sections 330 through 337(s) of the California Penal Code, which pertains to gaming. No person under the age of 18 is permitted. The event must be open to all members of the campus community, except those under the age of 18. There can be no entrance or advance registration fee. Scrip or chips must be used for play, no money can be used. Scrip must be distributed free with no connection to any voluntary donation.

All volunteers must wear identification chest-high throughout the event.