Designated Outdoor Programming Space Policy


Sculpture Garden - Lawn area on west side of the Loker University Student Union and between LaCorte Hall and the University Theater.


  1. Spontaneous use of the space is allowed for non-amplified activity. The activity must not interfere with events scheduled for the area and no amplified sound equipment shall be used. A scheduled event has the priority use of the space.
  2. The space is available for use with non-amplified sound daily from 8am - 10pm.


  1. The Free Expression Area may be reserved by CSUDH student organizations, Associated Students, Inc. University departments and administrative offices. Student organizations reserve the space through the Student Union Administrative Office. Associated Students, Inc., University departments and administrative offices may schedule use through the University Scheduling Office within the Office of Procurement and Contracts. Equipment (tables, chairs, public address system) can be arranged for at the time the reservation is made and no later than 48 hours prior to the event. The sponsoring groups are responsible for expenses.
  2. Special permission for outdoor amplification must be obtained from the Office of Student Life or Procurement & Contracts. A reservation is required if amplified sound will be used for the event. Charges may apply.
  3. Reservations for the Designated Outdoor Programming Space are not available during the final exam period or when there are concurrent or conflicting events on campus.
  4. An Event Planning Meeting must be held four weeks prior to any scheduled event held in this space according to the guidelines identified in the Campus Events Policy.