Student Conduct Procedures

Students who attend CSUDH are expected to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the laws of federal, state, and local governments. The Standards of Student Conduct are outlined in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Article 2, Section 41301. Students are also expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the stated purposes of the university, and follow the policies that have been set forth here on the Student Rights & Responsibilities website.

Occasionally, remedies must be sought to problems that arise inside or outside of the classroom. All of the policies respect student rights and provide for due process to resolve behavior or grievance issues. Many of these issues should be resolved by informal means first. However, the university recognizes that formal means sometimes needs to be employed. Please refer to the policies listed below to find the appropriate policy for your situation.

Student Conduct Procedures are also referred to as the discipline process. The Chancellor's Office has issued Executive Order 1098 [PDF], which outlines the CSU student disciplinary process.

If you are aware of a violation of the CSUDH Student Code of Conduct, please complete and submit the Student Conduct Incident Reporting Form.

For questions, please contact our Student Conduct Administrator in the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs at 310-243-3784 or email