Dance Policy

In addition to the Event Planning Procedures outlined in the Campus Event Policy, organizations sponsoring a dance must adhere to the following guidelines. Requests for exceptions to this Dance Policy, in whole or in part, must be clearly indicated on the required Event Planner. The appropriate entity(ies) will render a written decision on a case by case basis, within the Event Planning Meeting. These decisions will be final.

  1. The sponsoring organization must be:
    • A currently recognized student organization in good standing with the university;
    • An Associated Students, Inc. commission or committee;
    • The University Student Union Programming Board or Multicultural Center Programming Board; or
    • The California Academy of Math and Science.
  2. The sponsoring organization may make dance reservations up to (6) months in advance. Dance reservations are prohibited if the reservation request is made less than six (6) weeks prior to the event.
  3. The Event Planning Meeting for dances must be held at least four (4) weeks prior to the event. Due to security arrangements for dances, there will be no exceptions to this item. It is suggested that these meetings for dances be held six (6) weeks prior!
  4. Dances may extend to 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, until Midnight on Thursdays, and to 1:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.
  5. The L.A. County Fire Marshal determines the maximum capacity for a facility. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for ensuring that attendance complies with the maximum capacity figures. The Office of Student Life and University Police and facility administrators may determine a lower maximum capacity based on organizational history and/or information provided in the required Event Planning Meeting, and/or for the purposes of event and facility management and security.
  6. Admission will be granted to currently enrolled CSU Dominguez Hills students and guests. CSUDH students must provide a valid CSUDH Student ID with a current semester validation sticker. CSUDH students are allowed two (2) guests who must enter the event at the same time. CSUDH students are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Guests must be 18 years of age or older and show proper photo identification.
  7. Ticket sales:
    • Organizations wishing to sell tickets in advance are advised to discuss the arrangements with the Office of Student Life and State University Police at the Event Planning Meeting.
    • Tickets/admission fees sold/collected at the door will require a cash box, hand stamp, and/or ticket.
  8. Representatives of the sponsoring organization will coordinate event management. The sponsoring organization must designate in advance an event manager.
  9. There is no reentry after exiting the dance. Individuals requesting to leave and re-enter the dance for emergency purposes will be treated on a case by case exception basis by the sponsoring organization or as determined within an Event Planning Meeting.
  10. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to limit publicity and promotion of the dance to on campus. Off-campus publicity and promotion of any kind is not allowed. Publicity and promotion must include sponsoring organization name(s), event location name, start time, information contact telephone number and must specify that admission is for currently enrolled CSUDH students with validated ID and their guests (2 per CSUDH student).
  11. The advisor and the sponsoring organization's event manager must make contact with the facility representative and the University Police Officer at the event site (30) thirty minutes prior to the beginning of the scheduled event. Failure of the advisor and the sponsoring organization's event manager to make personal contact may result in cancellation of the scheduled event. It is additionally understood that the advisor and the event manager will remain present throughout the duration of the event.
  12. University Police determine and will be responsible for hiring the appropriate number of University Police Officers at the expense of the sponsoring organization. University Police may determine that additional security from an external source may be required, also at the expense of the sponsoring organization(s).
  13. The sponsoring organization(s) may be responsible for hiring University Custodial Crews for after-hours events as coordinated through the Student Union event planning reservations process. Payment or funds for the entire cost of the event must be on deposit with the Associated Students, Inc. or in a Foundation Office Account (for Greek letter or Honor/Service Societies) before the event is approved. Greek organizations may provide a deposit to the Student Union for the entire estimated cost of the event if a Foundation Account is not available to the sponsoring organization(s).
  14. The sponsoring organization will be financially responsible for any event-related damages to the facilities.
  15. Two (2) weeks prior to the event or sooner, the event manager provides copies of contracts and all publicity for review by the Office of Student Life and Student Union, prior to release of any publicity.
  16. For student organizations receiving funding from Associated Students Inc. all funds must be on deposit in an Associated Students Inc. Account. Greek letter organizations must deposit funds with the Student Union two (2) weeks prior to the event. Events may be cancelled without a timely deposit.
  17. Organizations funded through Associated Students, Inc. submit a complete accounting of funds to the Associate Director of Associated Students Inc. within three business days after the event. This statement must include: source of funding, number in attendance, total collected revenue, total expenditures, and purpose for which funds have been used. All receipts and disbursements must be made through the Associate Director of Associated Students, Inc. He/she will make appropriate entries into the accounts and forward these forms to the Foundation Office for deposit or disbursement from the Associated Students, Inc. accounts.

Signed Acknowledgement

At the conclusion of Event Planning Meetings for dances, an acknowledgement is required to indicate that the Dance Policy was reviewed for program clarity and policy adherence. The Dance Policy Acknowledgement Form is provided below: