Risk Management for Student Organization Policy

On-Campus Activities

All student organizations are formally registered on an annual basis by CSUDH through a process administered by the Office of Student Life. As a formally registered student organization, insurance coverage for events that are held on-campus is provided through the university's general liability policy. This coverage exists for events that are normal activities for student organizations including meetings, fundraisers, speakers, and other general activities.

There are exceptions where certain kinds of events are not covered by this policy. In the case of sporting events such as tournaments, inter-club sports activities, and other activities with higher risk, the student organization will be required to address the risk exposure. This will be done in consultation with the university's Risk Manager, and may include the use of participation waivers, special event insurance, or some combination thereof. Special event coverage must be arranged through the university's Risk Management Office at the sponsoring group's expense, and evidence of its purchase must be provided to the Office of Student Life.

Off-Campus Activities

The university's general liability policy does not extend to activities that are conducted off campus. All events sponsored by and promoted as a CSUDH event, must be registered with the university with the filing of an Event Planner Form [PDF] with the Loker Student Union and/or the Office of Student Life. Failing to do so prior to event promotion, marketing, and/or implementation will jeopardize the good standing with the university held by the sponsoring organization. Student organizations holding off-campus events will assume the responsibility and liability for such events and activities.

It is recommended that student organizations wishing to host off-campus activities consider obtaining liability insurance to protect their organization and its members. In certain instances, based on information shared within an Event Planning Meeting with university personnel, special event insurance or university co-sponsorship may be required. If a student organization has a national affiliation, the representatives of that student organization may want to inquire with their national office to see what insurance coverage is extended to their group. For consultation on risk issues and insurance, you may contact the Office of Student Life or the CSUDH Risk Management Office.

Social Fraternities and Sororities

Organizations that meet the criteria of a social fraternity and sorority, as determined by the CSUDH registration process and the Office of Student Life, will be required to provide proof of general liability insurance to the university. Certificates of insurance must contain the following language: "California State University, Dominguez Hills, the State of California, the CSU Board of Trustees, and all of its departments, boards, auxiliaries, and commissions, and its officers, employees and agents are named additional insured under the terms of this policy as to the activities of the insured."

This insurance must remain in effect during the registration period. If the group is not able to acquire insurance through their national organization, please contact the CSUDH Office of Student Life.

Risk Management Education

All groups, including those defined as Social Fraternities and Sororities, must participate in a risk management component of orientation. All groups will be required to sign a certification of distribution of information shared at this session.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This risk management policy is an integral part of the non-Greek and social Greek-letter organization registration processes. It is to be considered for its relevance to all organizations wishing to obtain and maintain official registration and recognition status with the university. Any requirements mentioned or implied within must be met, verified, and maintained.