Event Planning Policy


  1. Only CSUDH students, staff and faculty with a valid CSUDH I.D. will be admitted to any events approved through the University's Event Planning Process. Two (2) escorted guests per CSUDH I.D. may also attend (not always applicable). Guests must be 18 years old or older. Campus-wide events open to the public are excluded from this policy item restrictions. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times in accordance with the Unsupervised Minors Policy.
  2. The sponsoring organization will be held responsible for the conduct of event participants.
  3. Event participants will not have "in/out" privileges during the event when determined within an Event Planning Meeting for events held in an enclosed facility. This includes facilities with temporary enclosures such as fences and partitions.

Event Set-up

  1. All event set-ups must be approved in advance by the Student Union and the Office of Student Life or Procurement and Contracts to ensure that the safety of the participants is considered. Some events and/or their setups and accessibility may require the approval of the University Risk Manager and Special Event Insurance may also be required to be purchased at the expense of the sponsoring organization/entity. These requirements will be discussed and determined at an Event Planning Meeting.
  2. The event area must be accessible to disabled participants.
  3. The volume of sound in the outdoor event area cannot exceed 80 decibels at 55 feet from the sound source. The sound will be measured by the Office of Student Life (OSL) for student organizations or Office of Risk Management personnel in coordination with the sponsoring campus department.
  4. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the clean up of the facility, tables, chairs and/or any equipment that may have been used.
  5. The sponsoring organization is responsible for creating their own publicity and directional signs for events. On campus publicity and promotion must be posted in adherence to the University Posting Policy. If the event is advertised off campus, it must be approved by the University (OSL or Procurement). The sponsoring organization is responsible for removing all promotional materials immediately after the event (see Posting Policy).


  1. The University Police are responsible for determining the event security needs based on the type and size of the event. Organizational program and events history may also be considered. The sponsoring organization will incur the cost of providing security.
  2. Only the University's Police Officers are allowed to provide security for an event on the CSUDH campus. At the discretion of the University Police, additional security or outside agency may be contracted for the event. Student security support may be provided for the event with the approval of the University Police.


Event parking is limited to designated lots and access will be controlled through arrangements made by the University Police and Parking Department. Any expense for parking personnel and related signs will be billed to the sponsoring organization.

Smoking and Alcohol

A safe and healthy environment for the event is the responsibility of all involved. Campus smoking regulations and alcohol policy must be adhered to during the events. There are no exceptions to the university smoking policy!