Academic Affairs Budget

To advance the mission of the University as a teaching and learning institution, the goal of budgeting within the Division of Academic Affairs is to identify optimal funding levels that balance efficiency and prudent spending with delivering first-in-class instruction (Academic Affairs Budgeting Principles). The division operates using an Enrollment-Based Budgeting (EBB) model.

EBB Business Process Guide [PDF]

Fiscal Year 2023-24 Academic Affairs Base Budget


2023-24 AADHT (General Fund) Base Budget 2023-24 ST001 (Student Success Fee Fund) Base Budget 2023-24 Non-Tenure Track Faculty One-Time Allocation 

2023-24 Total Budget 

CAA21,673,3071,531,520  (9,779,332)$   13,425,495
CA&H10,709,733  375,531 2,863,741$   13,949,005
CBAPP 8,395,095   258,624   1,414,436$   10,068,155
CHHSN 9,954,348   406,224     865,137$   11,225,709
CNBS 11,837,591    577,524  3,661,194$   16,076,309
COE 4,631,904365,130974,824$     5,871,858
LIBRARY   3,604,651  182,898       0$     3,787,549
Total$ 70,806,629$ 3,597,451$                     0$  74,404,080
23-24 Academic Base Budget Percentage Pie Chart

Each segment of the pie chart represents the percentage of the total division base budget by college for the 2023-24 fiscal year. 

  • College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences (CNBS) - 22% 
  • College of Education (COE) - 8% 
  • Library - 5% 
  • Central Academic Affairs (CAA) - 18% 
  • College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) - 19% 
  • College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP) - 13% 
  • College of Health Human Services and Nursing (CHHSN) - 15% 

Spring 2024 Toro Hour Presentation 

Academic Affairs and the Division of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice  presented  a series of webcasts during Toro Hour. One of these presentations included a presentation from the Academic Affairs Budget Council. Here is the link to the April 18, 2024 Zoom recording, Academic Affairs Budget Toro Hour Presentation.

Staff Recruitment Requests 

All Academic Affairs recruitments require approval from the Office of the Provost. The button below will take you to the campus InfoReady application portal where you will be able to submit your staff recruitment request. Log in to InfoReady by clicking on the blue CalState Web Login icon under "Login for Cal State Users". You can expect a response to your request within a week or less.

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