University Assessment of Student Learning Committee

Established Spring 2002 to "...oversee the implementation and assessment of the University academic program assessment plan."

To carry out the charge of the University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (USLOAC), the Director of A`ssessment or designee represents Student Learning Outcomes Assessment matters as a voting member on the University Curriculum Committee and the University Program Review Panel. Additionally, the Director or designee serves as consultant as requested by other Committees, deans, faculty, and staff.

Representatives from USLOAC are engaged in campus-wide student learning outcomes assessment related activities such as University Curriculum Committee, Program Review Panel, General Education evaluation, in addition to serving on the USLOAC.

USLOAC has five elected Members plus the chair. Details of constitution of USLOAC are described in AA 2006-18 [PDF]. USLOAC regular meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of the month from 1:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. at WH D-442.

Please contact Tracey Haney at (310) 243-3299 or email for additional meeting information.

Rubrics USLOAC [PDF] uses to evaluate assessment reports.

Current Membership (2018-19)

  • USLOAC Director/Chair of Assessment - Matt G. Mutchler
  • UCC Chair or Designee - Enrique Ortega
  • CSUDH Associated Students, Inc., Vice President of Academic Affairs - Daylin Joseph
  • Academic Senate Rep. (1 of 5) (Faculty Member) - Yesenia Fernandez, Department of Graduate Education, College of Education
  • Academic Senate Rep. (2 of 5) (Faculty Member) - Kelin Li, Department of Sociology, College of Natural Behavior Sciences
  • Academic Senate Rep. (3 of 5) (Faculty Member) – Susan Einbinder, Department of Social Work, College of Health, Human Services & Nursing
  • Academic Senate Rep. (4 of 5) (Faculty Member) - Thomas J Norman, Management and Marketing, College of Business Admin. & Public Policy
  • Academic Senate Rep. (5 of 5) (Faculty Member) – Christopher Potts, Department of English, College of Arts and Humanities
  • Library - Tessa Withorn

Ex officio (non-voting) Members

  • Kim Costino (Office of the Provost, Academic Affairs)
  • Ken O'Donnell (Office of the Provost, Academic Affairs)
  • Kara Dellacioppa (Faculty Development Center Director)