Faculty Reassigned Time

Faculty assigned time is governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CSU system and the California Faculty Association, Faculty Workload Policies & Procedures (EP&R 76-36). Re-assigned workload units account for time given to faculty for work other than teaching in the classroom including, but not limited to: new hire preparation, sabbatical leave, excess enrollment, grant awards, or other service to the university through special assignments.

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College Funded Reassigned Time

Requests for college-funded reassigned time should be entered by the department/faculty.
  • Administrative duties
  • Department Chairs
  • Field Coordinators
  • Program Coordinators
  • Special projects or tasks in a department/college
  • Updating or developing curriculum

Academic Affairs/Other University Funded Reassigned Time

Requests for reassigned time funded by Academic Affairs should be entered by the sponsoring office (i.e. Office of Undergraduate Studies, Office of Graduate Studies & Research, Academic Advising & Career Development, etc.)

  • Committee Assignment
  • Exceptional Levels of Service
  • Faculty Fellowship
  • Other Special Projects
  • Sabbatical Awards
  • Senate Release

Exemptions: Requests for the Probationary Faculty Reassigned Time should be entered by the faculty/college/department. 

Externally funded Grants/Philanthropic Activities

Requests for reassigned time funded by external grants should be entered by the department/faculty. Faculty members are responsible for ensuring externally funded reassigned time is properly requested and recorded.

Requests for RSCA Grant Awards must be entered by awarded faculty. 


Contact your Academic Resource Manager if you have any questions/concerns regarding your reassigned time.

If you run into issues navigating the InfoReady system, please contact Claudia M. Orozco at 310-243-2572 or Cynthia Napoles at 310-243-3307.