Academic Affairs Budget Council

The Academic Affairs Budget Council advises the Provost on annual allocations of public fiscal resources, consistent with the Budgeting Principles. A group of appointed administrators and elected faculty and staff representatives. Unlike the University Budget Committee, which advises the President on institution-level allocations to the divisions, this Budget Council works only within the Division of Academic Affairs. 


  • To advise the Provost on annual allocations of public fiscal resources at the division level.
  • To establish and update guidance to colleges and academic departments.
  • To provide benchmarks and advice to cost of instruction.
  • To maintain business practice guides and data dashboards that provide a common framework for budgeting and planning in the division.
  • To increase transparency, predictability, and local discretion over spending.  Members have access to division budgetary records/reports and can propose a revision of the division’s budgeting principles stated in the policy.

Academic Affairs Budget Policy

Academic Affairs Policy: AA 2023-04

AA Budget Council Membership

The Council includes a total of seven voting members from the faculty and staff. Six are faculty, one from each of the five stateside instructional colleges plus one faculty member from the library. Among these six faculty members, at least one teaches in a predominantly graduate-level program. The Council also includes a voting member from Academic Affairs staff. These seven members are elected by the Academic Senate for two-year staggered terms, three voting faculty/staff members to begin in even-numbered years and four in odd-numbered years.

 AY 23-24 Members

Name Affiliation Department/College/Unit 
Dr. Rama Malladi Faculty Biology - CBAPP 
Dr. Bin Tang (Co-Chair) Faculty Computer Science - CNBS 
Dr. Laura Talamante Faculty History - CA&H 
Dr. Kirk Rogers Faculty Department of Teacher Education - COE
Tracey McGuire Staff CAA 
Dr. Ronald Norby Faculty School of Nursing - CHHSN 
Staci Freeman Admin (ARM) CNBS 
Patricia Suarez Staff (Scheduler) CHHSN 
TBD Faculty LIB