CAH Internships

Internships in the College of Arts and Humanities

The College of Arts and Humanities encourages students to complete an internship in their field of study before graduation. An internship provides an opportunity to connect academic work with practical experience while being supervised and mentored by a professional. These experiences help bridge the transition from campus to career by building skills and networks while enhancing resumes and portfolios.

We know this experience is important for student success and we work with a wide variety of Community Partners across the region to facilitate internships for all of our majors in the College.

For more information, please see below or contact Lisa Mastramico, Internship Coordinator for the College of Arts and Humanities, at

Requirments for Academic bearing Internships

An academic bearing internship is any internship for which the student is enrolled in a course to receive credit for the internship. For these internships, the faculty assigned to the course must ensure that the following two documents are completed and submitted before the student can begin working in the internship.

Student Placement Agreement (SPA)

This is a document for the internship placement site. We must have it on file for students to work with the company or organization. The agreement covers any CSUDH student intern(s) at the placement site for five years before renewal is required. Please contact Lisa Mastramico at to find out if we already have an SPA on file or to start the process of obtaining one.

Release of Liability

Every student who is completing an academic bearing internship must fill out and sign this form. The faculty member assigned to the course must ensure that all students complete and sign this form and that it is sent to before they begin their internship.

Recommendations for Academic Bearing Internships

It is strongly recommended that faculty use a learning agreement signed by the student and their placement supervisor. A written agreement is important for outlining tasks, projects, goals, and expectations for the student’s internship and should be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the faculty member before the student starts the internship. A sample agreement is here.

For questions or help with creating an agreement, please reach out to Lisa Mastramico at