Student Research Grant

The College of Education (COE) is accepting proposals from College of Education students to support them in their professional and academic development in research activities. Such funds are intended to help cover the costs of conference registration, travel, and expenses related to conducting research. S tudents who are presenting at an academic conference will be given priority over requests to solely conference fund attendance . H owever, both types of proposals are welcome d and encouraged. F unding itself is limited, and submission of a grant application does not mean your request is funded. Applicants must receive an award notification to receive funding.

To be Eligible, applicants must:

  • Be College of Education students in good academic standing (GPA of 2.75 or higher for undergraduate students/GPA of 3.0 or higher for graduate students).
  • Have a faculty advisor who will provide an endorsement of the request.

Eligible Activities:

This grant will support expenses for registration and travel to present at or attend regional or national academic conferences, seminars, and workshops, or to help support expenses to carry out your research project. The award amount is up to $1,000.

  • Registration fees – For cost of registration fees to attend or present at an academic or professional conference, symposium, or workshop.
  • Conference travel - For cost of travel to attend a conference/symposium/workshop, such as lodging, airfare, mileage, or meals.
  • Research expenses – For costs related to conducting research, such as participant expenses, data collection, transcription, etc.

Applications must be complete and include the following items in order to be considered:

  • Application form, which includes proposed expenses
  • Conference/symposium/workshop verification and/or description of research activity

Application Deadlines:

Applications are to fund upcoming research activities within the same academic year. Funds cannot be granted for past activities. Applications are reviewed three time per year:

  • Due Date: September 1 – Notifications by October 1
  • Due Date: November 1 – Notifications by December 1
  • Due Date: February 1 – Notifications by March 1

If your request is awarded, all funds must be spent, and receipts submitted within one month of the research-related activity.

Please contact Gina Garavito at with any questions.