Title IX Process Advisors

CSUDH Process Support Advisor Program

The Process Support Advisor Program is a voluntary, optional resource for students. Process support Advisors have received training about the processes contained in the Interim Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking & Retaliation and can provide students with information and assistance with resources, reporting an incident, or going through an investigation that falls under the scope of the Interim CSU Policy.

Trained CSUDH Process Support Advisors:

  • May accompany student Complainants/Respondents to any meeting or interview regarding a complaint;
  • May assist student Complainants/Respondents with accessing appropriate supportive measures when requested;
  • May observe and consult with student Complainants/Respondents and take appropriate action to ensure that an investigation does not violate applicable laws, policies, or collective bargaining agreements;
  • May be sent a copy of evidence and a subsequent Final Investigation Report unless the student Complainant/Respondent notifies the Investigator or Title IX Officer/DHR Administrator in writing that they do not wish this information to be sent to their Process Advisor; 
  • May not answer questions regarding the subject matter of an investigation;
  • May not speak on a student Complainant/Respondent's behalf during meetings, interviews, or hearings; and
  • May not give a student Complainant/Respondent legal advice. 

You may request to speak with a Process Support Advisor directly or the Office of Equity and Inclusion can assist you with finding a Process Support Advisor.

Current Trained CSUDH Process Support Advisors:

Adam Kasarda
Director, Student disAbility Resource Center

Daryl Evans
Advisor, College of Business and Public Policy

Lynda Wilson
Associate Dean, College of Extended and International Education

Shaun Milton
Workers' Compensation/ADA Manager

Tim Caron
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

If you do not hear back from a Process Support Advisor that you have contacted directly, please inform the Office of Equity & Inclusion at (310) 243-1025 and we will assist you with finding a Process Support Advisor. 

Complainants/Respondents do not have to utilize the Process Support Advisor Program. Advisors may be anyone, including a union representative from the Complainant's or Respondent's collective bargaining unit, an attorney, or a Sexual Assault Victim's Advocate, provided that the Support Advisor is not a person with information relevant to the allegations who may need to be interviewed by the Investigator during the investigation.

Trained CSUDH Process Support Advisors are mandatory reporters and responsible employees under the Interim CSU Policy, meaning that they do not have legal privilege and as an employee of the CSU and information that is provided about possible policy violations may need to be disclosed to the Office of Equity and Inclusion. CSUDH Student Psychological Services counselors, who may be contacted at (310) 243-3818, are a confidential resource who are not required to report any information except in very limited circumstances involving child abuse and/or cases involving threats of immediate or imminent harm to self or others where disclosure of the information is necessary to prevent the threatened danger, or if compelled by a court order.

Interested in becoming a Process Support Advisor? Please email the Office of Equity & Inclusion to inquire about the next training.