Request Accommodations

The Office of Equity & Inclusion is committed to assisting faculty, staff, and students with reasonable accommodations or relief. Our team works closely with other offices, including the Student disAbility Resource Center, Human Resources Management, and Employee Benefits to serve our community of differently abled Toros, pregnant or parenting Toros, and Toros that have experienced violence or harassment.  

Information for Students:

The Office of Equity & Inclusion assists students requesting reasonable accommodations or short-term academic relief due to incidents falling under our CSU Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Exploitation, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation. To begin the process of requesting short-term academic relief due to an incident, students may call or email the Office of Equity and Inclusion to set up a time to meet and discuss their short-term academic relief request.

Additionally, students may contact the CARE Case Manager and the CAPE Survivor Advocate or support and advocacy while they request academic relief, as appropriate. 

For pregnancy-related accommodations, please visit our Pregnancy and Parenting support website for information, including how to request short-term academic relief or begin the interactive process.

For disability-related accommodations, please visit the Student disAbility Resource Center website and register with their office to begin the interactive process and request services.   

For other accommodations falling under protected statuses listed, such as religion or veteran status, please contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion via email or at (310) 243-1025 to set up a meeting and begin the interactive process of requesting reasonable accommodations. 

Information for Employees:

Any employee who needs a modified work environment as the result of a temporary or permanent medical condition or pregnancy is encouraged to arrange modifications with their appropriate administrator on an informal basis. Employees or the appropriate department administrators, department chair, or program director in the department or unit may initiate an informal work environment modification. Under the informal procedure, it is not necessary to make a determination of the employee's disability status. Please contact the CSUDH ADA Manager in Human Resources Management by email or at (310) 243-3771 for assistance when considering a work modification. For pregnancy-related accommodations, please visit our Pregnancy and Parenting support website for information, such as how to reserve one of CSUDH's private lactation rooms or how to request a flexible space for this purpose, as well as for information about the interactive process. 

The formal accommodation request process shall be used to resolve accommodation needs after informal procedures have been exhausted. An employee may also begin discussions at this point without using the informal process. The ADA Manager will assist in obtaining the information needed to ensure the department is in a position to make an informed decision regarding reasonable accommodations. 

All formal requests for reasonable accommodations must be in writing using the ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form and Physician Disability Verification Form.  The appropriate administrator receiving formal requests for accommodations shall direct employees to submit their request in writing by using the aforementioned forms or providing the information requested on the forms. 

Employees are urged to contact the ADA Manager in Human Resources Management regarding any questions or concerns regarding job accommodations.