dr. mohsen beheshti

Dr Mohsen Beheshti Department Chair

Mohsen Beheshti is the Chair and Professor of Computer Science Department at California State University - Dominguez Hills. His research interests include Network Security, Big Data, Data Conversion, Multidisciplinary research, and Curriculum Development. He is the director of Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense, Knowledge Management, and Computational Science to promote research and education for the college. He is also the director of Computer Science Research Lab (CSRL) conducting research in Intrusion Detection System and Data Mining/Big Data in collaboration with other faculty members and undergraduate/graduate students. He has developed new graduate and undergraduate programs to better prepare students for the workforce, and their studies. He has extensive experience in developing supervised/closed laboratories and has developed course and lab manuals. Dr. Beheshti has received numerous grants to advance technology in education; and he has hosted a series of workshops for high school teachers to further promote computer science to high school students. He is also a member of IEEE, ACM, NCWIT, PLTLIS, and a founding member of CAHSI (Computing Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institutions) and the lead for CAHSI INCLUDES West Region.

Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Basil Alhakami, Bin Tang, Jianchao Han, and Mohsen Beheshti, DAO-R: integrating data aggregation and offloading in sensor networks via data replication, International Journal on Sensor Networks, 2019.
  • Campus Network Security: Threats, Analysis and Strategies, Payman Khani, Mehrdad Sharbaf, Mohsen Beheshti, Salar Faraji, 5th Annual Conf. on Computational Science & Computational Intelligence (CSCI'18), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Dec 13-15, 2018.
  • Mehrazarin, S., Leyba, K., Han, J., Beheshti, M., A MacBook Based Earthquake Early Warning System, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, San Francisco, CA USA, April 10-15, 2016.
  • Khani, P., Tang, B., Han, J., Beheshti, M., Power-Efficient Virtual Machine Replication in Data Centers, IEEE ICC 2016 SAC Cloud Communications and Networking, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 23-27, 2016.
  • Basil Alhakami*, Bin Tang, Jianchao Han, and Mohsen Beheshti. DAO-R: Integrating Data Aggregation and Offloading in Sensor Networks with Data Replication. Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2015).

Selected Awards:

  • Replication of a Cohort Based Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Model, S-STEM, Co-PI, NSF, Duration five years, amt:$5,000,000, 2019.
  • CAHSI (Computing Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institutions) INCLUDES, Co-PI, NSF, Duration: five years, amt: $9,900,000, 2018.
  • Cyber Security Training and Certificate for the workforce, PI, LA Coalition, Duration: one year, amt: $50,000, 2017.
  • BPC-A: Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institution, Co-PI, NSF, Duration:  five years, amt: $3,000,000, 2016.
  • Upgrading Computer Science PC Lab, Technology Advancement Program (TAP)
    amt: $43,000, Duration: 02-01-16 to 12-30-16, PI, Jan 2016.
  • FUSE: First-Year Undergraduate STEM Experience, Co-PI, STEM Collaborative Project, Helmsley Charitable Trust, Duration: two years, amt: $350,000, 2014.


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