Computer Science Programs

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The modern electric digital computer has become the indispensable tool of government, commerce and technology because of its enormous appetite for data and it’s near instantaneous processing speed. Computer Science is the discipline of designing methods for solving problems by means of such computers. The subject involves a surprising amalgam of logic, mathematics, electronics, communications and ergonomics. The curriculum is designed to provide preparation for professional careers in the areas of software design and applied computer science, as well as to give the necessary theoretical background for graduate study in the field and to allow a flexible response to a dynamic and growing profession. The required courses give students a firm foundation in the basic areas of computer science and related areas of mathematics, and a wide choice of electives allow them to tailor their program to their specific interests. The baccalaureate program (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science) is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master’s Program in Computer Science is a twoyear program in which a student must complete a required core of courses and additional concentration and general computer science elective courses. The curriculum for the Master of Science in Computer Science requires 36 semester credit units, and offers both a thesis option (30 semester credit units of coursework and 6 semester units of a thesis)and a nonthesis option (33 semester credit units of coursework and 3 semester credit units of a project). Students may choose to obtain the degree in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering or Distributed Systems and Networking. The academic program is expected to culminate in master’s thesis or project. During the first semester of the program, the student should choose a major advisor who will assist him or her in the choice of elective courses. The major advisor will chair the student’s advisory committee for the thesis/project. Two additional members of the students’ graduate advisory committee will need to be selected. The graduate program can provide a strong background for future study in a doctoral program. It also provides graduate training as preparation for professional applicants. Students with a master’s degree in computer science are also prepared for a career in teaching and/or research. A majority of graduate classes are scheduled to accommodate late afternoon and evening classes.

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Minor in Computer Science

The Computer Science Minor is designed to provide basic proficiency in computer science.

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Certificate in Computer Science

The program focuses on developing the technical skills and knowledge required to work in the computer software and information technology industry.

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