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Students used to have to stand in line to get things done. Now, CSUDH students can go online to check grades, correspond with professors, pay for tuition, register for classes and more.


  • Intent to Submit Thesis/Project forms for Spring 2020

     Intent to Submit Thesis/Project forms for Spring 2020, are due February 10.
    The Intent to Submit form must be submitted on time, and we will be making no exceptions for late forms. Students who have asked to be moved from previous semesters will need to submit new, updated forms and I encourage them to reach out to me should they have any questions about this. 

    Download FormIntent to Submit Thesis/Project forms for Spring 2020

  • Course Syllabi
    The Department of Computer Science offers a diverse selection undergraduate courses throughout the academic year including core, elective, lab and research courses. Information on our courses can be found in this section, along with other helpful course-associated information.

  • Fall/Spring Classes
    Find out which Courses are Offered in Spring / Fall semester to your study plan here at CSC department, Better.

  • Computer Labs
    There are different computer labs available at Computer Science department with respect to the subject. Find out all the different resources we offer.

  • Student Enrolment & Graduation
    The department maintains statistical data on all student enrolment in academic programs and publishes student enrolment statistics for the department.

  • Computer Science Advisory Council
    Department has respected  council members the board of Computer Science Advisory. Find out agenda for Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Student Software Resources
    We are excited to announce that all active faculty, staff and students at the Computer Science department are eligible to get free software resources, Checkout the offerings here.


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