Programs and their Syllabus

CSC 101Introduction to Computer Education
CSC 111Introduction to Computers and Basic Programming
CSC 115Introduction to Programming Concepts
CSC 116Introduction to Computer Hardware & Tools
CSC 121Introduction to Computer Science & Programming I
CSC 123Introduction to Computer Science & Programming II
CSC 221Assembly Language & Introduction to Computer Organization
CSC 251The C Programming Language and UNIX
CSC 255Dynamic Web Programming
CSC 281Discrete Structures
CSC 295*Select Topics in Computer Science: Software Development
CSC 300Software Development
CSC 301Computers & Society
CSC 311Data Structures
CSC 321Programming Languages
CSC 331Computer Organization
CSC 341Operating Systems
CSC 401/501Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 451/551Computer Networks
CSC 453/553Data Management/Advanced DBMS
CSC 459Security Engineering
CSC 461/561Computer Graphics
CSC 481/581Software Engineering
CSC/CTC 492Senior Design/Research Project
CSC 495Special Topics - Game Programming
CSC 495 - CSC 500*Research Methods
CSC 521Fundamentals and Concepts of Programming Languages
CSC 531Computer Architecture
CSC 546Human Computer Interaction
CSC 582Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
CSC 583Software Engineering Process/Software Architecture
CSC 584Software Project Planning and Management
CSC 590/599Master's Project/Thesis
CTC 218Digital Logic Design
CTC 228Introduction to Operating System and Networks
CTC 305Introduction to Game and Mobile Programming
CTC 310Software Project Management
CTC 316OS & Networking Support
CTC 328PC Forensics
CTC 362Communication Systems Security
CTC 395*Special Topics: Wireless Security
CTC 399IT Practicum
CTC 428OS Security
CTC 435Fundamentals of Information Technology
CTC 452Network Security & Hacking Prevention
CTC 454Wireless Security and Forensics
CTC 456Enterprise System Security
CTC 495Network Security Through Penetration Testing
CYB 501Foundation of Information Security
CYB 528Foundation of Computer Forensics
CYB 529Advanced Cyber Forensics
CYB 538Information Security Policy and Procedure
CYB 551Data Communication and Computer 
CYB 552Advanced Hacking Prevention
CYB 555Information Assurance and Network Security
CYB 572Secure Cloud Computing
CYB 584Software Project Planning and Management
CYB 590Master Project
CYB 595Practical Cyber Security