Cyber Security Programs

Master of Science Cyber Security

The Master of Science in Cyber Security program is designed to provide professional preparation for private, public and non-profit sector professionals in the field of cyber security. The curriculum delivered in an accelerated 18-month cohort model, requires completion of six (6) core and four (4) elective courses. The program culminates with a cyber-security research project supervised by a faculty member. The purpose of the Master of Science in Cyber Security program is to prepare students for professional careers in cyber security. The program aims to provide a learning experience for the students to develop technical skills in protecting IT infrastructures, operating system, and networks from intentional and unintentional information security breaches. The curriculum learning outcomes are designed for the acquisition of advanced expertise in the area of cyber security, including the protection of computers, networks, programs form unauthorized access, alternation or damage of data. The program’s strengths include a robust academic curriculum, high quality expert instructors, accelerated format (18-month model); and affordability. The Master of Science I Cyber Security will position its graduates to become leaders in the field of cyber security. A classes are scheduled to accommodate late afternoon, evening, and weekend classes.

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